I’m contemplating belly tops becoming a summer staple for me. Normally, I think my fashion sensibilities are on the conservative/modest side, but I’m feeling like the general public needs to be exposed to more bellies & rolls.

Many full figured women are shamed into covering up every inch of their bodies. At the same time women of color are often over-sexualized in media representations. As a Chicana, my challenge is how to represent myself in ways that are body positive & not self-exploitative. There is a fine line, but I think the key is in my intentions.

Going against all societal pressures, this summer my BIG Girls Code will be to let my belly & love rolls come out of hiding because I think my belly is beautiful & I want to share it with my friends, family, & a few strangers who happen to pass by me! Despite my confidence, this will require a lot of bravery on my part. I do it because I see my fatshion as an individual act of resistance & self-determination that will have a positive impact on other women who see me & decide to free their bellies and rolls too!

- La Chica Mas Fina

Plus Size Maternity Shoot

I am 39 weeks pregnant today and my husband took me to the park so he could take my maternity photographs. He helped me to feel like a queen today despite how sleepy and achy I’ve been feeling lately. At this stage in my pregnancy I am listening to my hypno babies birthing affirmations every night to prepare for birthing in power and confidence. I am working hard to stay pregnant positive and counting down the days until I get to hold my precious baby.

Lots of love,
La Chica Mas Fina

Photo: Jeff Newton Photography

MUA: Carissa Garcia

Plus Size Maternity Shoot

I wore an “I mean business outfit!” & that helped me accomplish the first step of a literature review while I werked, werked, werked this outfit!!! Wearing the right outfit really puts me in the mind frame I need to be in because I’m very imaginative & love role playing! Today, I was the BOSS LADY!!!


My Treintañera is this Saturday & it is loteria themed! I’m so excited to turn 30 on July 12th!!! There are mandatory costumes, Selena karaoke, & a game of loteria of course. I’m so excited to celebrate with friends!!! I’ll be dressed as La Sirena & this photo is of my birthday invites made by a good friend. I’m so happy with where I am in my life right now. My husband, family, friends & mentors mean the world to me. I’m happy to be turning one year older & excited for what life has in store for me.

-La Chica Mas Fina


The BIG Girls Code Blog

As many of you know, this summer I took a girlfriends trip with three of my dear friends. We went to Oaxaca City, in Oaxaca Mexico and had a tremendous adventure!!! On one of the days, my friend took the time to take a bunch of photos of me for the blog. We were at the Museo Textil de Oaxaca in Oaxaca City. It was a beautiful building and every corner of the place was interesting. I managed to pack all my belongings for a 10 day trip into one backpack and of course I brought several dresses. This is beauty while traveling light!!!

 Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Off Broadway

I’m recovering from a cold and a few sleepless nights, one more final paper to go until it’s officially break for me. I’m sooooo tired!!!!!!! We just got back in LA and are enjoying some snuggle times. Paloma had been so playful and sweet today, touching my face, giving me kisses, and leaning her head in to burrow. She missed her dada so much and loved cuddling him too.
This past week she was teething and/or growing, so she was in a moooood! Grouchy by day (unless her cousins were home from school) and not sleeping well at night. I’m grateful to have my funny and sweet girl back to normal today! I’m hoping for rest this weekend to give me energy to push through my last paper. #thebiggirlscode #phdmama #pavotees #gradmama #plussizeblogger #psblogger #babywearing #babywearersofcolor

Debra JT Padilla is the warmest person you’ll ever meet and one of my favorite people at SPARC LA. Debra lights up a room and you won’t meet anyone more kind than her. When I was pregnant she bought me a ring sling to carry Paloma in and that was my gateway into the world of rebozos and Babywearing. I owe her so much for all the tender moments I share with my Palomita.

Today is the first day Debra met my daughter in person and she wanted to walk and hold hands with us. At one point Debra said, “I love you so much” and Paloma stopped dead on her tracks, understanding exactly what she meant and reached out to be held and hugged by Debra. You don’t get more tender than that! We love you so much Debra!! #thebiggirlscode #plussizeblogger #thebiggirlscode #mamahustle #psblogger

My students bore witness to the struggles of working class mothers of color in the academy!!! Paloma had a fever yesterday and had to be picked up from daycare early. Since she had a fever she’s banned from daycare 24 hours. Jeff www booked to shoot out of state & I have office hours & two discussion sections on Thursdays. My toddler beast let all 69 of my students know she wasn’t too pleased about being there but we made it through 4 hours on campus. #phdmama #gradmama #mamahustle #plussizeblogger #psblogger #thebiggirlscode #lagorditadeucla

Happy Fathers Day to the man who taught me about style & class on a shoe string budget. My mom is always very humble & simple. She was never one for clothes or makeup & I love her for that. My dad on the other hand was the proud peacock of the family. He taught me that style in the face of poverty, war, and discrimination was resistance. Wether we were in El Salvador, Guatemala or the U.S., he always looked good & smelled like Caron’s Pour un Homme, his signature fragrance.

I am La Chica Mas Fina because of all the consejos my dad gave me about resisting oppression by carrying yourself with pride & dignity. The resistant & defiant attitude comes from within, but the outer body is where we express it & can signal it to others. My papi taught me that everyday is Gods day, therefore you should go out in the world wearing your Sunday best everyday. Other lessons I learned was that a good perfume, good shoes & good watch can take you a very long way! Another important lesson is it’s not about where you buy your clothes, it’s how you carry yourself in those clothes that makes you a real woman!

I love my papi for showing me how to be a classy babe in opposition to the mean things people may think or say about me. No matter what life brings I will always put my best foot forward & strut my stuff


La Chica Mas Fina

At the La Brea tar pits with the family!!! Fun fact: When Jeff and I first met I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a cultural or archaeological anthropologist. I went on a dig for two weeks in the four corners area and that distance is what made us decide we should marry and I also decided to I wanted to work with the living 😊
Paloma’s favorite thing was the prehistoric bear sculptures of course. #thebiggirlscode #plussizeblogger #psblogger #gradmama #phdmama (at La Brea Tar Pits and Museum)

Update On My Deodorant Woes: One of my amazing friends who pursues natural holistic living introduced me to these two products. It is very important for our chi chi’s that we use natural deodorant that does not clog your pores and lead to breast cancer. For the last 9 months I struggled to find something natural & effective. The Arm & Hammer natural deodorant followed by a little bit of Burt’s Bees powder works miracles. At the end of the day, you are still fresh. The only downside is you have to apply two products & the powder can leave a mark on a black top which can easily be brushed off. These days I am very fresh and happy!!! Yay!!!

- La Chica Mas Fina 😀☀