“Banished, eh? You must be awfully naughty.” He smirked, looking her over. “So what’s with you and wolves?”

Me? Naughty? Maybe. I wouldn’t say awfully, but…” Rose trailed off, tongue tucked between her teeth as she grinned. “Y’know, m’not really sure. Follows me around the cosmos, I s’pose. The Wolf’s a bit different, though. She’s… Time? Blimey, that sounds mad. But, yeah. She’s Time. An’ she’s up in my noggin’. Get’s a bit crowded.”

Doesn’t sound too mad. I used to live in someone’s head before I got this beautiful body.

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Sherlock was looking at some samples under his microscope, trying to see if he could identify the location of one of Lestrade’s latest suspects on the night of a horrific murder from some fibres retrieved from the man’s work boots.

As such he didn’t notice he had company.