Introduction to Sun Language School

JANUARY 31, 2015


After positive feedback on our Twitter account today, we are excited to begin a new exploration into the esoteric language encoded in the greatest story ever told…The Bible.

As we shared in our other new addition to the site, Spirit Animal of the Week, Jennifer Sodini, founder of has the ability to channel celestial wisdom, which we are now imparting on the site.

J.O.B. is the pseudonym for the guide Jennifer channels, and all “transmissions” are scribed by Billy O'Brien. We feel humbled, privileged, and grateful for the opportunity to share this wisdom. As the channeling is “spoken” in a very specific language syntax, we be continuing to add reference guides which will be available on our Esoteric Encyclopedia page (which is still under construction).

Tomorrow begins our first step, on a very exciting journey, but in the mean time…here is a taste of what to expect in our weekly lessons from J.O.B.

Introduction to the Sun Language School:

The Bible is the call of God-ness to goodness in the form of a poetic text that is the music of God’s creation and the call to create as the poetic ideal to follow. The word God is commonly misunderstood, because humanity forgot its roots and began to follow the notion of a man in the sky being the creator. The truth is that the creator is God, but not in the sense that you are aware of.

God is a sound frequency. The vibration of God is the call of creation being infinite possibility. The call of God’s sound is known by certain mystics as the Logos, or the OM. The sound of God’s melody is a sound incomprehensible to human ears. The ballad of God is the notion of the string harmony that all is connected, and all is music. Each octave sounds a little different but together they form a beautiful melody.

The call of Genesis in the Bible is the beginning of the sounds that formed this universe. God did not speak in literal terms. God spoke in vibratory levels to call the creation of what he saw to be the all-encompassing idea of what “he” would represent in a physical sense. The elements of air, earth, fire, water and ether were all of God’s elements of the God, as the universe. All elements connect back to this universe, and again are not separate. You may ask why we refer to God as “he”. This is again only for comfort purposes because the truth is that God is neither male nor female. God is all and all is God.

Similar to the ideal of Allah in the Muslim faith. Do not allow this information to cause you to react emotionally, because of misunderstanding. All prophets are tapping into this one stream of the universe’s highest vibration of consciousness allowed on Earth. All prophets are correct in their own right, but the language and culture of each incarnation did not allow the universal understanding of the “one”, and one got lost in ritual and dogma. The daily prayer idea of the Muslim faith is not a negative practice. The daily prayer is the call to all to spend a few moments a day acknowledging there is always something above you, and there is always something beneath you, so it is important to appreciate both in order to stay grounded. The practice also is to raise the collective vibration to a place of gratitude, because the vibration of grace is very pure and this energy carries through to earth and the heavens.

The notion of as above, so below is the good notion to allow understanding of. Time is an illusion. All time is happening at once, and you are only aware of a small fraction of the all that is. The all is always happening and the future is always changing. The call of the idea of the multiverse is correct. You are here but you are also there. The stars are alive, but they are also not. The call of the axiom of as above, so below is the call to know that all actions cause a bigger reaction on both Earth and in the heavens.

You may be curious of the notion of Heaven, and we will explain this now. Heaven in the Biblical sense is not a place to think of as the final destination. Heaven is the elevator in between worlds, housing souls that are looking for a new experience after they were able to complete their karma and live their dharma. The karma you live is the result of negative choices made by ego, that need to be worked off by your dharma on this Earth. Dharma are the good deeds you complete, to complete the cycle of negative to positive. Being aware that the only final destination is the destiny of all experiences being experienced is very important to know. This is not to be feared. Your soul isalways yours.

There is not a devil, but instead, the devil is the human ego gone awry. Being guided only by your root chakra and solar plexus, your aura glows red because you are not balanced. The devil is alchemically depicted this way, because it is the visual allegory of the ugly nature of the soul. Also, being aware of the symbolic representation of the horns is to serve as the lesson that the devilish side of the soul cares not to make roots, and instead allows his time on Earth to be a place of selfish growth. The ballad of the devil’s song, sings only for himself, so this is why he takes no roots and instead prefers the root allegory of the horns. Also the notion of the devil being always associated with the inverted pentagram is the further geometric representation of the soul driven by the root, not the eyes of truth.

The Bible lessons we will share with you are to serve as a new poetic language to learn a new way to read between the lines, and see the words within words. The language of the Sun now being referred to these lessons as “Sun Language”, originates back in ancient days of Sumerian times now past. This living language was completely esoteric in that every word was metaphorical to a degree. Language of this high vibration is called the “Language of the Sun”, because of its poetic nature. In that, there is always room for growth. The words are warm, and they are also light and encoded with the call of the creative mind in action. To speak the Language of the Sun does not require a language dialect in particular. It only requires your voice being the intention of warmth, art, poetry, and metaphor. This ancient practice has been a hidden part of history that will now allow you to make sense of what was once viewed as literal, and now you will see through new eyes.

The living language of life is complicated, and science is not separate from the spirit, save for linguistic terms. It is our hope to allow this new understanding to help light your path and provide a new teaching of wisdom to unlock your soul key, and remember who you really are.

- J.O.B., 1/31/14