Just another survey

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URL: mamap89

Name: Maxi

Nickname: Mama P or Maxi pants (hubby came up with that one a few years ago?!)

Birthday: 12th November

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pan

Height: 5ft4 (Ok technically Im 5ft3 but its close enough)

Current Time Zone: BST apparently? Had to google that!

Date: 9th September

Last Thing You Googled:  haha ‘What time zone am I in?’ and before that it was 'how long to steam frozen chicken’

Last thing I said to a family member: Happy birthday Ma!

Favorite Beverage: Coffee.

First word that comes to mind: Banana (My oldest keeps saying it over)

Place that makes you happy and why: British history museum, its my favourite place in the whole world. It has so much history (duh) in it, civilisations that rose and fell, the shoes that one completely ordinary  person wore thousands of years ago while doing daily tasks… amazing mojo in there :)

Last movie watched at the cinema: Er would have been Paranormal activity a few years ago!

3 things you can’t live without: Coffee, my kids and my hubby!

Something you plan on learning: Languages, I have a few planned once Im done teaching my kids English!

Piece of Advice to your followers: Anger gets stuff done quicker and better than sadness!

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