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I AM SORRY FOR BOTHERING YOU but you are Langstrom-mun and I asked a thing over there but it either didn't go through or you haven't been on and I'd rlly like to know--what's your headcanon on why he decided to 'go good' in season 5?

OMG NO PROBLEM THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CARING yes I probably won’t be back over there until after the 12th or 13th after I graduate, it’s on a separate account and everything. But I can answer him right here and now in between renders (lol) if that helps:

My headcanon for that is basically that his therapy over at Arkham actually helped and maybe made him realise the error of his ways? After all, in the original (and most other reincarnations) of the ManBat storylines and character, Langstrom is actually a good guy that just becomes a bit animalistic when ManBat is involved. But, in line with my personal headcanon for this character, I imagine he may have not only had some good therapy, but he’s not a very stubborn person, so he didn’t stubbornly hold onto his insane tendencies the way most Arkham inmates tend to do (no offence, Strawman), so he was more susceptible to being influenced out of certain unbecoming personality traits. In my headcanon storyline for him, he was reformed in Arkham and is actually on some medication to drone out any psychotic thoughts, and though he helped out in Season 5 of the official show, my thoughts are that he did it that one time just to try and keep Batsy off his back so he could continue on with whatever he really wants to do (foreshadowing) lol.

Blah blah blah, anyway! If you want, I will most likely end up forgetting about this and repost the same thing over on thebetterbat when I start getting on again. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CARING AND BEING SO INTERESTED DEAR HEART <3 SEE YOU THEN