The Bet: Act 2

But Craig didn’t know how to make Tweek fall in love. In fact, he has never been in love.

Craig thought today would be day one of making Tweek fall for him but it wasn’t. They just held hands in the hallways of the school, sat beside each other and just being there with each other. It felt normal yet seemingly weird.

“Oh god this is awkward. Oh god!” Tweek internally panicked once they finally sat down at the cafeteria table. This was completely normal for everyone, sharing a table and having lunch. It wasn’t different at all. “It all changed because of one small thing.” He processed his thoughts, trying his best not to overreact.


“Are you okay, Tweek?” Craig asked the boy who was staring at his face, acting so calm and still despite his twitching. No response. “Tweek?” he stared right back at him, hoping that he’ll snap out of his thoughts.

Five seconds to ten seconds until it became more of a staring contest than showing concern to comfort the boy sitting across to him. Though, he had to admit that looking deep in the blonde’s eyes for an extended amount of time had Craig mesmerized.

He didn’t notice how bright and vivid the color of Tweek’s eyes were until now. Green, no, emerald was the word he was looking for. But it can’t be just a stone, it was full of light, full of life. Which made the boy more precious than any gem.

Craig could feel himself move closer and closer to Tweek but he couldn’t stop himself. He didn’t care if they were in public, he didn’t care if a table was in between him and Tweek. It was as if he’s been hypnotized, allowing himself to be pulled by the force of the emerald eyes. An emerald wormhole leading to paradise.

“Do you think they’re going to kiss?” Clyde whispered to Token. “Dude, mind your own business. They are a couple now.” Token spoke before taking another bite of his pizza. “I can’t mind my own business because they look so cute together.” Clyde raised his fists to his mouth to hold back a squeal.

“It’s like watching a romance movie.” he watched in awe, leaning on Token like a chair. Token just shook his head, dismissing the conversation and ignoring Clyde and his fantasies. “Five bucks they won’t kiss.” He placed his bet. “Ten bucks they will.” Clyde accepted the offer.

“C'mon Craig, just a little more…”

He was almost near it, he could see the life of bliss waiting in the distance. As he was about to enter, the hole was glowing white, colors going wild. The image of the emerald paradise began was fading. Craig tried to swim closer to get to his destination. He struggled, used all his strength to reach in but then everything went back to normal. “Agh! A-aWkWArd!” and the wormhole exploded, throwing Craig back into reality and waking up back to his seat.

“Hand over the ten bucks.”

“God damn it.”

Craig could feel his heart thumping for some reason but he couldn’t find what caused it. To him all of this is new. No, fresh and not just new.

“Hey, Craig. Tweek’s a got a point.” Tweek and Craig turned to Jimmy. “Maybe going on a d-d-da-date will make things less awkward.” Jimmy smiled, hoping his advice might help.

“W-what?!” Tweek yelped. He couldn’t believe what Jimmy just suggested. A date? With Craig? Won’t that make it more awkward? “Oh god!”

“Hey, Tweek.” He turned around to the source of the voice.

“Do you want to go on a date?” Craig looked at him with a calm expression.

Tweek swore he saw a sparkle of light in Craig’s blank blue calm eyes for a second before becoming dull again. “Y-yes!”

If he could see that spark again even just once or more often, he’d want to make Craig the happiest he can be for their first date.