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John was calling the class to order. It had been a week since he’d seen or heard from Watson, and he was doing alright, especially when he heard that Watson and little Ms. Morstan had indeed been seen at the Savoy. He looked for Watson in the faces out of habit, but didn’t see him. Yet another day John would have to give Mary Watson’s coursework, most likely. “Alright, class, put your books and papers away, it’s time for a quick round of trivia.”


“when you already love someone, you don’t notice what they look anymore after you get to know them? It’s because you don’t just see them anymore. You see what they are inside. And that is love.”

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The Bet -Part One

Liam’s POV

We were all hanging around at Harry’s place and we were all so bored. Niall just ordered Nando’s, me and Harry were playing Fifa and Zayn and Louis were doing nothing. ‘I’m so bored’ Zayn said. ‘Me too! We’re just always sitting here doing nothing till we have another concert or signing or something.’ Niall said when he came back with Nando’s in his hands. ‘What shall we do?’ Harry asked. ‘Let’s make a bet!’ Louis suggested. ‘What kind of bet?’ I asked. ‘At our next signing, you ask a girl for her number. Then we are going to date that girl for a mont, and after that month, you need to break up. And there are some rules ofcourse. Don’t fall in love with her, don’t say her it’s for a bet and we need to be honest about her if we talk about her.’ Louis said smiling, like he was proud of his idea. I thought it was rude, playing with a girl her feelings.

Harry’s POV

‘But that’s mean and rude!’ I said. ‘We can just try it?’ Zayn sai, but I saw he didn’t like the idea too. ‘I don’t know’ Liam said. ‘C’mon guys..’ Louis said ‘Are you in?’. We all nodded, but to be honest I think Louis was the only one who actually liked the idea. The rest of the day we just chilled at my place.

Niall’s POV

It was the day of the signing and I heard a really nice voice: ‘Hey Niall! Can you please sign this?’ I looked up and saw the most beautiful girl ever! ‘Sure babe, what’s your name??’ I smiled. ‘My name is Inez’ she answered. I signed her book, gave it back and then she asked: ‘And can I have a picture with you please?’ ‘Only if I can have your number Inez’ I answered. She seemed a bit shocked, but she wrote her number on a little piece of paper, we took a picture together and then she walked away. ‘Why am I doing this, I’m sure I will fall in love with her and I don’t want to hurt her..’ was all I could think of.

Liam’s POV

I was thinking about the bet, cause I still thought it was really mean, but then I heard a girl say: ‘Hi Liam! Will you please go on a photo with me?’ I looked up and saw a really pretty girl. ‘Sure!’ I said and we toook a picture. ‘And can you please sign this?’ She asked while she gave me hour books. ‘Sure, what’s your name sweetie?’ I asked. ‘Imaani’ she said. ‘Nice name’ I whispered while I started signing her books. I gave her the books back and she wanted to go to Harry and I saw that Harry was looking at her with a big grin on his face, so I quickly took her hand and asked: ‘Imaani! Wait! Can I have your number please?’ She nodded and seemed really happy and gave me alittle piece of paper with her number on it. When she walked away, I was thinking: ‘Why am I even doing this? I’m going to fall in love and I don’t want to play with a girl her heart..’

Harry’s POV

A girl gave me our CD and she said: ‘Hi Harry! Will you please sign this?’ I signed it and gave her the CD back and then I saw the most beautiful eyes ever and I stared into them for a while. ‘What’s wrong?’ the girl asked. I smiled and said: ‘Nothing, you just have beautiful eyes.. What’s your name?’ ‘Arielle’ she said and grinned. Then she wanted to walk away. ‘Arielle, wait!’ i shouted. She turned around and asked for the second time: ‘What’s wrong?’ I smiled and said: ‘I forgot something’ ‘What?’ Arielle asked. ‘I forgot to ask for your number and give you this..’ I said while I kissed her cheek. Her face turned red and she wrote her number on my arm? Whe nshe walked away, I slapped myself in the face. ‘Why the hell am I doing this? I’m going to hurt her and myself..’ I thought.

Zayn’s POV

I droped my pen, so I picked it up and when I looked up again, I saw a really cute girl in front of my, but she looked a bit shy. She didn’t say a word, so I said: ‘Hi babe!’ She smiled and gave me Dare To Dream ‘Can you please sign this?’ she asked. ‘Sure, what’s your name?’ I asked smiling. ‘Laura’ she said. I signed the book and said: ‘Laura, can I ask you for something?’ She smiled and nodded. ‘Okay, can I have your number then?’ I asked.  She seemed a bit overwhelmed, but I saw she was blushing. She started to write down her number on a little paper and gave it to me. She smiled shy, said bye and walked away, I looked after her and all I could think of was that I was being really stupid, because I don’t wanted to hurt a girl like Laura.

Louis’ POV 

I already met really nice girls, but I didn’ want to hurt them. The whole day I was thinking about the bet, why did ieven cane up with thay idea, I feel so mean. I looked up, over to Niall, who sat at the beginning of the table, he alreaddy got a number, just like Harry, Liam and Zayn. Then I saw the most beautiful girl ever. She stood next to Niall. When she finally stood in front of me, she started to blush. I grinned. ‘Hi Louis!’ she said. ‘Hi cutie, what’s your name?’ is asked. ‘Savannah’ she said. ‘What a beautiful name’ I said. ‘Thank you’ she smiled. ‘You’re welcome, and what do you want, a picture or something signed?’ I asked. ‘Can I have both?’ she asked. ‘Sure Savannah!’ I said and we took a picture. While i was signing her shirt, I asked: ‘So, I am signing this, can you please write your number down on this paper?’ and I gave her a paper. She seemed shocked, but wrote her number down. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she walked away. ‘What the hell is wrong with me, I don’t want to hurt her..’ I thought.

Wattpad Stories Turned Movies

Here are the UPCOMING wattpad stories that will turn into movies. I’m also gonna post the celebrities (for me) that suits that particular movie/ role. Other celebrities are official. :)

Operation: Break The Cassanova’s Heart by Alyloony


Shy Carlos (Official)

Voiceless by HaveYouSeenThisGirL

Cast (My opinion):

Maris Racal as Momoxhien. (But she kinda needs to work on her acting skills tho, but she’s fine. She’s cute and she knows how to play the guitar. Her voice is deyum good too. 

I’m not yet sure with the boys though. Surely not from PBB All-In. 

Never Talk Back To A Gangster by Alesana Marie

Obviously, will still be portrayed by James Reid, Nadine Lustre and Joseph Marco. But it will focus more on RED. YEY! 

But in my opinion. If I had the chance to pick the cast. I wanted Joseph Marco to be TOP and Jessy Mendiola (or Kim Chiu) as Samantha. Daniel Matsunaga could be RED, but he should work on his acting skills too. 

Ex With Benefits by YourAmnesiaGirl


Sam Milby, Meg Imperial and Coleen Garcia. (Official)

Hmm. The Cast seems interesting though, I hope they’ll do good. Especially Coleen, since she’s starting to have daring roles. I haven’t read the book yet tho but maybe soon. :)

The Bet by ilurvbooks


Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano, Yves Flores, Chie Filomeno (Official)

I think LizQuen can give justice to the role, not a fan tho. But i’m a little disappointed when I heard that Yves Flores is part. Like, ugh. Him again? Chie, I think she can do it since she’s been a kontrabida since G2B sooo.. yeah. :)

My Husband Is A Mafia Boss by Yanajin

Cast: (My opinion)

There’s a rumor that JaDine wil portray the roles. Oh please, wag nalang. Sila na nga sa TBYD at DNP, spare MHIAMB please!

Ang Boyfriend Kong Artista by ModernongMariaClara

Cast: (My opinion)

Kathryn and Daniel. Not because i’m an avid KathNiel Fan, because bagay talaga sakanila. Pramis. But my second option is Janella Salvador. Not sure with the boy though, but please don’t let it be Marlo or Jerome. 

Three Words, Eight Letters, Say It And I’m Yours by GirlInLove

Cast (My opinion):

Kim Chiu, Xian Lim/Gerald Anderson. I think there was a love triangle in the book? If i’m not mistaken. Sorry I forgot, I read the first book last year. Pero all I can say is bagay sila. Though, I really wanted Mario Maurer and Baifern to portray the roles, but. :(

Teen Clash by IDangs


Alexa Ilacad and Nash Aguas (Official). So far, they are the only ones confirmed. But, a bit disappointed. Yes, they are a few years younger from the characters and there are already kissing scenes. So for me, parang hindi sila bagay. If I were to choose, I would like Maris and Manolo, (acting skills need to be improved and they will be good). Idk with the other six, but I hope they will pick a girl that is a former Goin Bulilit cast since they are good in acting. 

Seducing Drake Palma by Beeyotch

Cast: (My opinion)

My fangirl heart is happy, since a lot agreed that Kath & Dj suits the role. Even the author wants DJ to be Drake Palma! But since they already had SDTG. I would like Janella Salvador and Alex Diaz. It was a trend on twitter tho. 

Secretly Married by Forgottenglimmer

Cast: (My opinion)

Kim and Xian. Yup. But I want Korean actors to portray the movie though. Like that would happen. (In my wildest dreams)

School Trip by Kuya Soju

Cast: (My opinion)

Oh you know, It could be Coleen Garcia, Sam Concepcion, Pamu Pamorada and other celebs, some who get the sidekick role. 

Size Matters by Kuya Soju

Cast: (Official)

Zanjoe Marudo & Angelica Panganiban. 

I haven’t read the book yet but i’m sure it will be good. Two comedians slash great actors of all time :)


Just finished watching the whole ‘Must Be Love’ movie..not because of KathNiel…but just to get a glimps of LizQuen hahah ∩﹏∩💛 #TheBeginningOfAnEpicLoveStory #ForevermoreWithdrawalSyndrome #MalalaNaTo #haha #forevermore #LizQuen #addict #kilig @lizasoberano @enriquegil17 @Bandicam @iampampkin #MustBeLove #TheBet #JustTheWayYouAre
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Here’s the part 2! Sorry sa blurry vid guys. Credits again to Audrin Rivera on Facebook!
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