48 HOURS ~ thebesttwintuffnut (Modern-Horror AU)

How did I get myself into this mess? Hiccup thought to himself, eyes fixed on the dark trees rushing by the car window. It was too late for him to back out now without looking stupid… He’d just have to go through with it. At least he had Tuffnut with him.. Right? 

I’m dead…

The blonde and brunet were stuck sitting in the back of Snotlout’s flashy new car as he drove them three miles out of the city to an abandoned old house in the woods that was supposedly haunted. Thanks to a story from his Uncle Gobber, who had told the group of teens about an old tradition the kids of Berk City that involved spending 48 hours in said haunted house as a right of passage, Tuff and Hiccup were now about to do exactly that. Astrid and Fishlegs were of course completely against it after hearing about what happened when Madder went into the house alone, and even though Ruffnut had apposed to the idea at first she was looking forward to laughing at her brother when he’d run out screaming like a little girl. 

Its just 48 hours… besides there are no such thing as ghosts! 

New for You||Merida & Tuffnut|| High shcool AU

Moving from one place to another is always difficult and unpleasant.  Especially when you’re a girl and and you’re not like others girls around. She hated girly stuff and dancing and so on. It was silly.

The bus dropped her right next to her new school. Everyone watched her moving to the doors. it was difficult to miss the  mane of fiery curls. merida didn’t look like people arround and it was attracting attention, annoying the girl.

She was still sleepy, cause moving to another city took a lot of efforts. Merida didn’t care about students who were giggling and cheating about her. She dreamed to see the end of the day and be back to her archery. By the way, she should to check out if there was extracurricular  archery circle. That could make her life the way easier and much happier.

Red-haired lass approached the advertisment board.  it seemed she had a little time before her first lesson, so she could read some ads.