This was taken at the Suzanne Geiss Co. gallery(NYC) that is currently hosting Paige Powell’s ‘Reclining Nude’. A budding photographer who’d recently moved to New York snapped intimate photographs of her lover, nude and relaxing in her Upper West Side apartment. If you’re Paige Powell, this story is made ever more interesting thanks to the fact that her lover happened to be one of the most iconic artists of the last century – Mr. Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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a distinct moment, shared between the civilization, the tribal affair of creatives, philosophers and martyrs alike. The communion, we compiled feelings of support, indifference and momentum in the succinct form, of family. This was the town’s adjourned evening, the systemic laid to rest, while the pure rested in full display, possessed and coveted by the colored radicals. This surely, a balanced discourse, hosted by hearts and attended by minds of success, and solace. 3/1/14

“jamal jackson • jonathan gardenhire • robert twitty • ashley monét mackey •            howard d. borden • tahir mckenzie • anthony j. thomas”