Corsetry Tools

A new link called CORSETRY TOOLS can be found at the top of the page. It lists some handy tools for sewing and corset making like a sewing gauge, a fashion form or vary form, bias tape maker, etc. with a direct link to a vendor (mostly via Farthingales and the Vogue Fabric Store they are connected to)

Let me know, if you are aware of a good, special tool and maybe even have a link to a vendor, so I can list it here.

I will keep scanning blogs and other corset maker’s web pages for more items.

Maybe I should get some sleep now. My dog and my cats are already in dreamland. I am always the last one…

Here is a closeup of the side and rear view of the corset. As you can see, there is absolutely no lacing in the back. A very strange view, I think. Looks like something is wrong with the photo, doesn’t it?!

Both photos show that the body shaping feature seems to have been accomplished almost completely through the (sewing) pattern of the separate corset pieces and the boning, because there is no further release on the current shape possible.

Does anyone have any input on this kind of historical corset?