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Animal "psychics" are so fun. Some of my stable friends arranged a session. The psychic saw my scepticism and offered to read Sunday for free. Sure - she walked around Sunday a few times and yadayada. "She likes to run", was the first thing she told me. Incredible insight! Not only is Sunday a horse, she's half thoroughbred. It got better - apparently Sunday was eager to help me pick my subjects for school and the "psychic" was happy to pass her advice on. What a helpful horse, I have, amiright?

I can’t believe Zeke didn’t help me pick my classes

If he had helped me earlier on maybe I wouldn’t be taking a whole extra semester

what a shitty horse

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Major fan, you're doing an excellent job. I was wondering, if you could point me in the direction of any other well-sourced blogs with a political focus? Blogs outside of Tumblr would be neat as well, whatever you can recommend.

I know of a few tumblr blogs: @delendarius @truth-has-a-liberal-bias, @prochoiceamerica, @theliberaltony, @theeconomist, @fuck-yeah-feminist, @micdotcom, @attndotcom, @nowthisnews, i prob missed a few but those are some of the ones I follow.

Non-Tumblr:, TheBeast, ThinkProgressRawStory

My absolute favorite non-tumblr: Aljazeera

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Sooooo happy to read that you'll be continuing More or Less! Undoubtedly my favourite fic, I am very excited! Thank you!!!

It’s GONNA happen. I just. I have to stop writing this stupid oneshot I’m working on. *kicks it* I have totally overwhelmed myself with my plot on More or Less, and I get to a point where I start resolving things and I just FREEZE because I would hate for it to finish out weak and I just. Write. Shortfic. XD Ugh. Now that I’m on break, I think I have the brainspace to commit to it. Thanks for the vote of encouragement! Be on the lookout!