I sit outside, unable to sleep. Thinking about what this winter will bring.

The smell of the rain, the thought of you sleeping peacefully, is enough to make me smile for a day.

To cuddle you in this weather, all winter, is what I look forward to most.
To watch shitty movies and play board games, while watching the rain drops dribble down the windows.

I’ll go for cigarettes, I’ll come back freezing, but you’ll hug me, to warm me up.

We’ll lay in bed, the sound of the rain, is all we will hear. We’ll look at each other and at that moment we’ll know there no place we’d rather be.

I’ll kiss you on the forehead, to remind you I love you, you’ll smile and do the same back.

We’ll fall asleep, wrapped up in each others arms.

We’ll wake up, and experience it all again.