thebeautybasics  asked:

Hey! So I saw your post about customizing your tumblr dashboard fonts. I have a slight problem. A little while ago, I downloaded the font "Helvetica Neue UltraLight" just to my computer... I did it the normal way. I just downloaded and when the box with the font examples came up, I just clicked install. I went to my dashboard a little while after that and it changed the entire font! I dont like it and I want to change it back, but couldnt figure it out. Can you help me?

Sure! Tumblr’s primary font for the dashboard is Helvetica Neue, so if you have any version of it, it will override the rest of their assigned fonts (regular Helvetica & Arial, I think). 

Follow the instructions in the ’customize Tumblr fonts’ tutorial to set up or create a new Stylish style, use the following line of code, and you should be all set!

* {font-family: YOUR-FONT-NAME;}

Let me know if you have any problems & I’ll try to help you troubleshoot!

(FYI to test the code I went with a font called Leelawadee that came installed with Windows on my system that I’d never even seen before, and I think I love it.)

Tip of the Day! (#20)

A quick money saving tip.

Mac eyeshadows are amazing quality. The price isn’t too too bad, but it still is pretty high for one eyeshadow.

The eyeshadows can either come in a little case, or you can purchase it just in the pan.
w/ case - 15$
w/o case - 12$

Elf cosmetics sells empty palettes holding four eyeshadows for one dollar. Mac eyeshadows fit right in! Save yourself some money by purchasing the Mac shadows without the casing, followed by purchasing an Elf Cosmetic palette.

It’s like buy five eyeshadows, get one free!

I need your help!

I have a ton of ideas for new posts, but I just want to know which you would like to see first! 

  • Concealer 101
  • Foundation 101
  • Makeup Brushes 101
  • Highlighting and Contouring

What would you rather see from me?