Verse 1:
I spark up the light
Your mouth waters for a taste of the night
thats right
wasting no time
getting right
to delights
n i know just what you like

hot desert and you tore your dress
the heats rising
writhing to the beat in your chest
i confess
i feel so blessed
im kinda obsessed
when i get you undressed

black lace
while the angels caress
you face the heaven within
i kiss the heaven below
on the tip
whatever im told

Verse 2:
Lady wont ya feel the wind
Baby can u kiss my skin
Open wide n ill sink in
Drink ya all night till the mind don’t spin
til the end of time is where we’ll begin

We collide again n again
Smile beyond mind
What a beautiful sin
Take me to the wrinkle in time
Where we can do it all night
again n again n again n again

Hypnotized by my lady
im under her control
mesmerized by way the she ooooh
what to do
what to do

Hypnotized by my lady
im underneath her spell
you never believe how she makes me ooooh
what to do
what to do

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