Admirably grand laminations
Spiraled whirlpools
Counter clockwise
Thrown upon
Discharged from and
witness to
stanced balanced tottered crooked podiums and gestures of read palms
A spectacle of which at a surrounded laborious pace
Pulled as if from the depths of mountains
Yet most sensible the tone even if it’s harshness of congested purpose had lacked resemblance to suffered song
Moans of unutterable irritation draped space in intense perspiration describing at to the will and length of such command
Tattered cloth street worn trembled terrible and the shaking tips of fingers side stepping renounced thinking
Redefining ornamental
Employing only cast spells
Subjecting strength
Objecting passing judgement
Defying immediate proximate confines
Denouncing oppressive feebleness and neglect
Commandeering procrastination of appropriate aspiration in attempt to exasperate the ever onslaught and the sheer weight of a relaxing disease