Mystery Sweater came in! The shop, TheBeardedBee sells, vintage, oversized sweaters, that they handpick out for you as a surprise. You can give them some guidelines (ex: colors, patterns, etc) but you won’t know what it really looks like until it is on your doorstep! It truly is a fun experience and I encourage anyone that wants surprise themselves to give it a shot! It was all for under $25! Can’t express how much I love it!

theperksofbeingkarissa asked:

Thank you so much for the follow! I ordered a mystery sweater a few days ago and I literally cannot wait!

Oh wow, you’re welcome! Your blog is great :) 

And thanks SO MUCH for your order! It really means a lot to us (^▽^) 

We hope you enjoy your sweater—you should be receiving it very soon!! 

-your friends at the b.b.