“Pretend to chop the onions again so I can take a picture." 

"Is it for the internet?”

My man is preparing a pizza for us to supp upon. Is also:

-handsome and good beard

-crazy good at humping and kisses it all the time

-6'4" and strong enough to pick me up (I weigh 230lbs)

-excellent catdad and scoops the litterboxes way more often than i do 


-is a classically trained, red seal chef and makes me literally anything I want to eat any time I want it

-smokes and cures his own meats

-has english degree and reads books like whoa all the fucking time

-in actual fact the smartest person I know, but has no idea how smart he is

-makes me feel like I can do anything in the world

-is marrying the fuck out of  my face

Like, I could just sit here all day and list his amazing qualities, but he’s probably already embarrassed enough as it is. He’s the best. I just wanted to put it out there. 


Spamming your dash with my beautiful boyfriend. We’re coming up on four years together this summer, and I still cherish every single moment with him. I don’t write about him on here a lot, because for the most part he  doesn’t have the most extensive online presence when it comes to personal stuff, but I need to make an appreciation post. He is the most kind, sweet, loving, rational, and supportive partner that I could ever hope to have. He’s smart as a whip. He’s passionate, and compassionate. He’s a professional chef who puts amazing food in my belly. He’s a giving and gifted lover. He is the best cat-dad around. He gets me, he gets my mental health issues, he gets every hope and desire in my silly little heart, and he’s got my back, all day, every day, through every hardship and joyous moment in my life. He is a perfect creature,

Last night I had a little bit of a breakdown, and he gave me a full body massage and just let me cry, because he knew I had to. After, he made me tea, and put a Simpsons dvd in for me. I said “What would I do without you?”  "You would be fine,“ he said. And I probably would, because I’ve been through some shit, but surviving is so much less terrifying with him in my life.