I think that tonight finally marks the end of anything between me and my last.
People always say that letting go is that point in which every last second is almost unbearable, making your chest ache and your soul feel hallow.
I always thought that these kinds of descriptions were quiet over dramatic.

Wow, was I wrong.

These are the exact feelings I’m experiencing as of this moment.

I didn’t really want to accept the fact that its happening. The fact that she’s moved on and possibly found someone else. The fact that I am of no interest to her anymore.
I feel like complete shit.
The world around me is starting to turn grey and seems pointless to do things.
I make it sound so over dramatic.
I make it sound like I try to incorporate her with everything that I do. To be honest, from a strangers outlook, that just seem crazy. But as the saying goes:

“Love makes you do crazy things.”

I guess it’s been a while since my heart has been cracked. It’s not the same heart as it was. It’s completely different.

A lot of things are changing dramatically. I’m kind of scared of what is to happen next. My hearts a confused wreck, my mind is a collision of catastrophes, and my life is a labyrinth. I’ve lost a love, I might have lost my best friend, and my interest for Bboying is slowly going down. I am doing my best to retain my passion, but everything is just so foggy.

I just hope and pray to whoever the divine one is that they may guide me to somewhere prosperous and relieving or give some sign to where I should go and what I should do.


The Four Elements of HIP-HOP..

Ever since I posted “The Four Elements of Hip-Hop” pic on Tumblr, its been getting a lot of attention. Don’t be wrong I am grateful, but I’ve seen things on the history of the pic and some people keep adding false comments on it. 

One of the most noticeable comments on there was that there was a “fifth element” in there which most said “Knowledge”.

Do not get me wrong, knowledge of this beautiful, battle-worn culture of ours is important of us to gain, but that should be a standard for EVERYTHING we do, yes? We don’t just do anything like BBoy, a sport or art with giving gratitude. We acknowledge what we have and who passed it down from generation to generation. 

I totally understand why people keep saying there should be a Knowledge element there, but I’m just going by what the Pioneers of the culture put down as the ORIGINAL 4. As time did progress, yes more things were added like popping with sub-categories like electric boogaloo and animation, locking, Freestyle Hip-Hop, and maybe Hip-Hop Choreo because it incorporates Hip-Hop music… Hopefully

The point is that you should be a little more grateful that there are even elements otherwise we’d be lost to understand what Hip-Hop is in the first place. Study your facts, do a little homework, then understand more to where this culture and its flava and bits a pieces of moves here and there came to be.

BBoy Chrispy