baucomblog  asked:

The scene: Mike Isabella is coming over for dinner (in this scenerio your friendship has reached that level). What are you cooking, which Top Chef contestants are you trashing and what TV show will you watch together in your elastic waisted attire post feast?

How timely - tonight’s mission is now to enchant Mike Isabella with my vast knowledge of reality tv at dinner.

I would make him fancy mac - let’s face it, he is better at making everything, I might as well serve something that conveys how much I love it - and talk about how pissed he is that Hosea actually won a season (nope can’t let that go). If he drinks enough I’ll see if he will divulge secrets about the judges (“Padma doesn’t actually eat the food? She just chews it up for taste and spits in into a napkin? I KNEW IT!”) I bet he likes NY Ink. We’ll watch that because I’m a polite hostess.