trailofqueers asked:

I don't mean to bring up your penis, but usually not having a boner for a while is normal. I mean, at least you're not a horndog and want to hump everything in sight. Haha. Just give it time. Eventually, arousal will come. c;

thank you but I only think it’s happening like this because I was involved in a traumatic event lol

anonymous asked:

Pudge literally made a fucking suggestion. STFU christa-aurelie-new name in game (yes I got your annoying pm on forums about how people have been "harassing you" stfu you bitch you're not the fucking victim here!) Stop victimizing yourself! Just because you can anon say words on a hate blog doesn't mean that you're shit. Nobody likes you, literally. Go watch the porn that's on your fucking tumblr you piece of shit.... BTW guys Christa's Instagram is TheBatTrooper you all should go check it out!!