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“Are you sure this is his house?” Neve questioned once again as she let her blue hues roam over and around the are. To which Jess replied with a shrug of one shoulder, an uncertain smirk curving her coral-shaded lips as she looked at her phone’s screen for what seemed to be the fourth time. “This is what she sent.” she answered, glancing at the blonde who still had an unsure expression on her face. Cue a roll of Jess’ eyes as she proceeded to press on the doorbell by the home’s entrance as she began to reassure her friend. “Look, she said that she just had to have an appointment today. If she gets better, than this’ll be the only day we’ll have to fill in for her. But if she gets worse, well then…” Jess trailed off, switching her wary gaze back at the home whose address her ill friend had given the past evening, a last-minute request to substitute at her master’s home after she had scheduled an appointment with her doctor when malaise struck her with an accompaniment of other symptoms. Being the good friend she was, Jess had agreed and noted the club of her possible absence on the following evening before she dragged Neve into her friend’s request on the plead that she needed a familiar face to work with. Though the blonde still seemed nervous, the anxiety Jess had earlier seemed to withdraw from herself once they had arrived at the front of the home.

•We Won’t Forget The Day We Met• Alexa|Gabe


Alexa loved being a WWE Diva, because it was what she had always dreamt of, since when she was a little child and watched fabulous and strong women fighting inside that squared ring. And now that her dream had finally become reality and she was part of NXT roster – and one of the most loved Divas -, she was truly happy and satisfied with her life. She had had to overcome a lot of difficulties, in the past, but biting and scratching with all her strengths and powers, she had finally made it and she was now living the life she had so hardly fought for.
That day she was scheduled for a Meet&Greet with some fans, so she woke up early in the morning, took a long shower and wore a nice, dark pink cocktail dress, which suited her little frame just perfectly. She blew-dried her long hair, tipped blue curls left loosened and dangling down her shoulders, until her slim waist. She put on a pair of high-heeled shoes – even though, being her so short, didn’t really help her too much – and, after having applied a light coat of make-up, she grabbed her purse and called for a cab.
The location where the Meet&Greet  took place was inside a toy store – what could be more appropriated for the little pixie, Alexa Bliss, anyway? As she made her entrance, eyeing the long row of people of all ages, waiting for her, she smiled up at them and shyly waved her fingers toward them, before taking her seat behind the black covered table; on it there were many pictures of her to sign and give to the fans. She smiled to the security man, nodding him she was ready to begin.

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Roza smiled as she approached the right address and she adjusted her long, long hair back, trying not to look as gullible as she felt. She loved funny guys and she had high hopes for tonight, though she tried not to hang on to them too tight. She was used to being disappointed when meeting guys face to face, because then all the talk was gone, and they all treated her like they were paying her to be there. But she still hoped this would be different. She straightened herself back and knocked, curious as to what he would be like in person, and how the night would end. It was a nice change from usual night breaks from work, in bed, binge watching movies.

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The bar had been a wonderful place to spend her twenty first birthday, but now she was drunk for the first time in her life.  Intoxicated beyond belief, she found herself clutching the hand of the bartender.  "Can I stay the night with you?  I don’t have money for a cab.“

thebartendersnextdoor | Kennedy&Gabe

“Alright, well, I think I’m just about done for the night.” Bright red hair bouncing as she petite girl strolled behind the bar from where she’d previously been out by the tables, Kennedy’s smile was bright as she set her list of jobs down on the counter. “Tables wiped down, drunken losers tossed out on their asses, drink shelves re-stocked, chairs stacked away, yada yada yada – even better done than usual, if I do say so myself. Who’s the best? That’s right, me.” Okay, so maybe she should have been a little less – well, Kennedy – given the fact he was her employer, but she couldn’t help it. Her confidence just shone on through regardless. And maybe she’d snuck in a few drinks herself – but, some of the customers that night had bought them for her. And that wasn’t a crime, right?

Anastasia had been trying to be a normal girl but being a celebrity made it so difficult but she had managed to sneak into a club without anyone knowing who she was and she was enjoying just dancing, having a drink and being normal even though she was far from normal. She was walking towards the bar when she bumped into someone and her gaze flickered up to meet the strangers and she offered him an apologetic smile “I’m sorry, it’s so crowded in here, hard to see where you are going.”

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“Well, well… If it isn’t the mysterious guy from the dance floor.”

“I had an idea that I’d see you sometime again. I guess the city isn’t big enough for the two of us.”

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    Taking a seat at one of the empty bar stools,
    Alex ran her fingers through her dark brown 
    hair, seeing the bartender approaching her.
    “A tequila shot and a long island, thanks.”
          She slid him a hundred dollar bill. 
    “Keep the shots coming until I’m on the floor.”

unteachable || gabe&aria

So, quite honestly, carnivals had never really been Aria’s thing. She was more the girl to stay inside when any get-together involved, well, more than three people. So that was probably the reason why, as she slipped through the crowds littering the streets that night with her hands shoved into her pockets and her jacket wrapped tightly around her petite frame, she gained a few strange looks. It wasn’t that big a town; everybody knew everybody, which meant that she wasn’t exactly surprised at the amused glances she got; and some almost pitying, more than anything, due to how reserved she’d been in the past few years. Ever since her dad died she’d been even more of a hermit, if that was possible. And her dad’s band used to play on the stage in the town square, every annual town carnival; so understandably, although her mother and her brother had braved the tradition pretty soon after his passing, she’d usually stay cooped up indoors with her blinds drawn and the TV on loud enough to disable the sounds of her own thoughts.

No, it wasn’t surprising - but it was still embarrassing. And that was why her head was down, gaze fixed on the floor as she swerved in between drinking townsfolk to make her way toward where she knew her family were at a local friend’s house. However, that probably wasn’t such a good idea now she thought about it, after a callous misjudgement of distance sent her crashing into a taller, stronger individual on her way.
Shit,” she breathed out before she could really stop the vulgarism, her eyes widening as she quickly looked back up to apologize. “I’m so sorry, I-I wasn’t looking. Gosh, I’m sorry.”


Once again, Saraya found herself walking through the doors to enter the bar she found herself feeling pretty comfortable in. If it wasn’t for last call, and the fact she was surrounded by a bunch of people who were drunk out of their mind, she probably would’ve been a tad embarrassed by the fact she dressed like she was ready to go to any place besides. It was just a pair of sweats and a hoodie, who would ever wear that to a bar? But underneath she knew what she wore, her black ring gear that sported a pentagram over her breasts. Her jacket was zipped to the top, not wanting anyone to notice her lack of clothes underneath as they were made for one man’s eyes and one man’s eyes only. And that man was standing right there, being eyed by Saraya as she bit down hard on her bottom lip before approaching where he stood behind his counter. Her hands came to rest on the counter as she sat up into the chair, offering Gabe a smile “”ello there, you.” The Brit spoke, wanting to catch his attention. “So, uhh.. are we gonna cut t’the chase or no?”


Meredith sat in class, tapping her pen on the desk and trying to pay attention in Mr. Jackson’s history class. But it was so hard, what with Mr. Jackson himself– the sexy teacher at her school that had started at the beginning of the year. Of course every girl in the 12th grade was crushing on him, but Meredith was different. The brunette got what she wanted, and wasn’t a giddy school girl. At a question asked by the sexy teacher, Meredith’s hand shot up coolly, knowing the answer.

|| Flora and Gabe

Apparently the night was still young. It was 11pm in New York City, and it was just as alive as it had been during the day - if not more so now. It was unlike anything Flora had ever seen before. 

Which is exactly why it simultaneously terrified and enthralled her. Her travels had led her far from Britain, and still she wasn’t quite sure what to make of America. One thing was for sure.

They liked their bars.

Flora walked through the streets alone, looking for a decent-looking bar she could find a good drink in. While she had never been a huge drinker, tonight she wanted to experience what New York had to offer. She was on a mission to find herself, after all. As long as she didn’t find herself passed out on the street tomorrow this seemed like a fairly decent step in the right direction. At least in America, drinking away your troubles seemed to be a sort of right of passage for adolescents, if the yelling and raving teenagers around her were of any indication. 

Finally spotting a bar that seemed particularly interesting but not as dangerous as the others, Flora sat at the bar and coughed lightly to announce her presence. 

“Erm, hello? Could I possibly have a drink, please?”