I received my gift for the Cabin Pressure Secret Santa (organized by the fantastic icarusing) in the mail last Thursday and I am still a puddle of feels. I don’t mind at all that it came after Christmas, it was perfectly on time for my birthday, which was this pas Saturday :D My Santa, Emily, knitted this gorgeous Martin Crieff scarf!! Ahhh the colours are so stunning, and it’s just amazingly thick and warm *u* perfect for this Canadian winter! It’s already -20°C dear God… “OTL but this scarf came just in time for the drop in temperature and I’m just so happy ;A; I literally rolled around in it and screamed for about 5 minutes after opening it. Is that too weird..? ah who cares! ;D I was secretly hoping my gift would be a scarf, and it was totally worth the wait and suspense!! I understand that knitting takes a while, no worries that it came after Christmas! Ahhhh I’m just so happy I could explooooode sahfjgha;shghg; thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU QuQ this is the best present dhjalghjjhg I love this fandot <33 

Emily, thank you SO MUCH, I truly love the gift and it is very very appreciated!! You get a big hug from me, and I’ve already mailed you a little thank you gift because you’re so wonderful and I’m just djksafhsldglsghsa you’re super talented, I hope you keep knitting, your work is just excellent QuQ THANK YOU!!!! <3333 brb while I go flail about and roll in my scarf some more~!

Why yes, I do enjoy Chemistry Humor.

“What’s this?” Actinoid asked, holding up an electron- clearly a discarded valence one, too. Before Lanthanide could answer, Actinoid continued. “You’ve been sleeping with that ion Francium, haven’t you? I knew it! You know she’ll give that valence electron to anybody. There’s no telling how many ionic bonds she’s got going on. You could become radioactive for all you know!” Lanthanide gaped in disgust. “Oh, like I don’t know about you and Fluorine! You’ve been giving him valence electrons practically every time you see him. Those late night covalent bonds, don’t pretend you don’t know that he’s just going to make it ionic and let you fend for yourself!” Lanthanide shouted, “Good luck finding another element who’ll put up with your reactivity!” before leaving the substance for good in a chemical change that surely meant they were never getting back together. Like ever.

so when me and emily went to a dark knight marathon at our movie theater, there was this guy who would laugh at the most inappropriate moments and it made everyone laugh and it wasn’t like he was sitting next to us and only we could hear him. nonono me and emily were in the front and he was ALL the way in the back and he laughed so fucking loud everyone heard him and everyone would laugh along with him and i found it so funny that i told emily i would marry him 

also he laughed when bruce wayne died(spoilers)

thebakerstreetfraud asked:

Alright, I'm gonna go with... RDJ, Jeremy Renner, and Tom Hiddleston. Go!

Wow fuck you em

um i guess i’d be best friends with tom because he’s happy and giggly i could use someone like that since all my friends are weirdos

jeremy would be my husband because he’s attractive and i love him and arms

and rdj would be my brother because i would have him and tony stark as my brother so yay