thehomomojojojo  asked:

Well I'd never want to make a pretty lady cry (or anyone to be honest) so I'll shut up now, but yeah I'll leave you with this. Even when you say things I disagree with (I'm a Misha fan) I'll always be grateful to you. A few months ago I was at the lowest point of my life and I thought of ending it all, but between yours and the 2 other slash blogs I follow I found a reason to keep on going 'til I found help. I'm now being medicated and in counselling and things are looking up. So, thank you. x

This is literally me right now. Holy shit. I really just want to fly to wherever the hell you are and hug you and get drunk and watch gay porn together. That’s what me and my friends like to do :) Can we be BFFs now? Please please please keep talking to me ok?