Tumblr Followship Of The Ring

I’ve been reminded of why I love my tumblr community so much yet again as I’ve received these nice birthday wishes from so many of my favorite tumblr peeps. And I’ve noticed that the people who like me, and whom I like, all have similar tumblrs. We each have our things we’re passionate about (usually represented by what we reblog), things like Star Wars, science, faith, humor, romance, music, wrestling or what have you. But we all also produce something original, even if it’s just some pictures or some rants. And all of our tumblrs feel “alive.” Our personalities come through and we interact sincerely with people we have never met. We don’t just post Sherlock gifs and complain about fifth period algebra (no offense…well, a little offense).

So I’ve been thinking that I’m tempted to make up some kind of “Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval” to identify those tumblrs. Yes, it would likely be quite subjective, but I feel like I want a list of links on my homepage for people so that they know that if they like my style, they might like Un, or Culby, or iambal, or the baffled, or tacgnol. Even though the interests of those individuals couldn’t be more different, they all represent the best of what tumblr can be.

They’re my phony baloney Internet family. And I love them!

So I should probably just start by doing something like a “Follow Friday” posting. I know I’ll miss some, but I can always add to the list at any time.

And then we’ll need a logo.

A kick ass logo.


Thanks to kathartie (I’m HUGE with young women in New Zealand), angelwithbadhabits (who probably reblogs me more than anyone…thanks!), and aerissa (one of my most consistent supporters who regularly overcomes her chronic Canadianism to recommend me regardless of her stunning anti-americanism) for the recommendations in the humor category. Thanks to the five others who recommended me. As I fall asleep tonight I imagine all five are models to find me irresistable. It could happen. I have at least one who I know follows me and she’s pretty cool and follow worthy as are my three friends above!

As always I am grateful for anyone who takes the time to visit and humbled that anyone would recommend me. Thanks!

I’ve decided to use this space each week to let you know the very cool blogs I recommend each week. This week I recommended thebaffled in the humor category. One of the most consistently amusing and interesting sources of content on my dashboard, thebaffled is a far too hidden treasure on tumblr. Follow!

Thanks, Everyone!

If Baffler contributing editor David Graeber is correct, the management of debt and its contractual relationships is an essential function of the state; in fact, the management of debt, by violence if necessary, is a prime reason for the existence of the state. But both the Shakespearean character and the German finance minister claim that the state is powerless in the face of debt. The sovereignty belongs to the creditor, according to their viewpoint; it does not belong to the state that makes the lending possible in the first place. And so, as Shaeuble and other European honchos have insisted, “elections change nothing.” There is no democratic process that can override debt—on the contrary, debt overrides democratic process.
Getting back to the original question, the possible collapse of the system, I think that historical forecasts of this kind are a trap. What is certain is that all systems must end, but it is very hard to predict when the end might come. Signs of a slowing down of the capitalist system are visible. So far as technology is concerned, we no longer have the sense, as we did in the 1960s and 1970s, that we are about to see great innovations. In terms of political visions, we seem to be very far from the grand projects of the postwar period, such as the United Nations or the initiation of a space program. U.S. elites can’t act on climate change, even though it puts our ecosystem and human life itself in jeopardy. Our feelings of helplessness stem from the fact that for thirty years the tools of persuasion and coercion have been mobilized to wage an ideological war for capitalism, rather than to create conditions for capitalism to remain viable. Neoliberalism places political and ideological considerations above economic ones. The result has been a campaign of fantasy manipulation, a campaign so effective that people with dead-end jobs now believe that there is no alternative.
Even with the proposed wage hike, many Walmart employees can’t make enough money to live on the inconsistent, part-time hours they’re forced to work. Like many other hospitality and retail companies, Walmart benefits by having more part-time workers and fewer full-timers. “By hiring a large pool of hourly workers whose hours can expand or contract depending on business need, retailers can better sync hours to demand, experts say; posting schedules with limited advance notice allows managers to further minimize the risk of assigning too many hours,” the New York Times explains. “Restricting work hours also limits outlays on overtime and employee benefits.”
I attended a concert on the Yeezus tour in which Kanye gave a special shout-out to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who was in the audience. It seemed like wealth recognizing wealth. But it wasn’t: Kanye brought the whole show to a shrieking halt to give a lengthy speech about why Eric Schmidt should fund his clothing line, and invited us to yell at Schmidt if we believed Schmidt’s money should belong to Kanye. It was a shout-out as public shaming, directed at one of the most powerful white men in the world, isolating him in a crowd of thousands. Granted, Kanye wasn’t demanding that Schmidt reform his corporate policy; he was asking for something for himself alone. Still, haven’t you always sort of wanted to yell at Eric Schmidt? I can tell you: I got to yell at him, and it was great. It was Kanye’s awareness of his power, and his willingness to use it rudely, that made it one of the most exhilarating concert experiences I’ve had.