“Yo Ky! Flex for the chicks back home dude!” - Brian yelled over the roar of the diesel engines, the smell of gunpowder, rust, and testosterone filling the 113 degree air.

“Dude does it look like I fuckin need to flex! These guns are loaded!” Kyle, or Ky as he was known after Basic Training, popped his biceps at his sides.

He’d gained nearly 50lbs in the 6 months he had been “recruited”, 40 of which was packed on his previously lithe, weedy frame in the first few weeks of Bootcamp. Aiden and Brian hadn’t been joking when they said the Corps breaks you down and makes a Man out of you.

What they hadn’t mentioned was the swift, sifi-esque methods they use for a quick turn around. First was the typical bunk delegations, the haircut, which Kyle was none to happy about. They’d had to strap him to the chair while a bulky older man shaved him down to stubble, theb rubbed a sticky, burning gel into his scalp. He’d later find his hair follicles growing slower, and the roots standing straight up, for that perfect High'n Tight look.

Then, it was orientation, where they were given their uniforms, and watched a 2hr, or at least, what felt like a 2hr instructional video on the basics of life in the Marine Corps. The video was actually a 6.5 hr, covert induction method, implanting deep, subliminal messages directly into the minds of the young men watching.

There was a brief break, where you were allowed to free roam parts of the base, most went right for their bunks to change, then the horn announced meal time.

The food was heavily supplemented with well proven, and experimental chemicals enhancers, that got to work right away on the skeletal and muscle systems of the body. Along with the high protien, high carb diet, it would bulk the new boys up fast.

A second puberty almost, shoulders widened, chests barreled out, torsos and legs lengthened adding height to match the new heavy, dense muscle. Thick hair sprouting on your chest, or pits, legs and ass. Some stayed smoother than others due to genetics, leading to a bit of ribbing about the smoothies being pretty pansy boys. It was considered normal to go though several sizes of uniform and boots in a week or two, some virtually exploded up into hulking meat, while others gradually grew to fit the standard Marine stature. Not one Recruit was less than 6’, 140lbs, and the average boot size was a wide, bulky 16.

During this “growth stage” The routine was brutal. Grueling, long workouts, training exercises designed to test you mentally as well as physically, slowly breaking you down, bit by bit, until you were left an empty shell. Albeit a heavy, stomping, sweaty shell. By the end of week one, the new boys were broken, quiet, obedient young men, following orders without question, for fear that theyd be put through an even harsher routine.

It was the sleep cycles that did most of the mental work. The bunks were fitted with electromagnetic, as well as sound systems that emitted a mixture of subliminal white noise, and energy fields that worked hard on the mind, emptying it of anything the Corps felt was unnecessary, or not up to what a Marine should be. It also had the added benefit of inserting their obedient, tough, hardened persona, burying who they were under layers of raw masculinity.

Already masculine recruits found themselves heavily exagerated. Scratching themselves, speaking in heavy “bro” talk, swearing crudely no matter what the context of their conversations. Their body language changed, standing straight, chest out, shoulders back, hard, ever perky nipples poking through their green cotton tshirts. They’d crave a cold beer, or a hard scotch, able to drink far more than they would have before the added bodymass. Belching openly, even things like the constant funk of the barracks, the sweat of their fellow marines didn’t bother them as much, finding it endearing, an outward display of virility. Men stink, Marines reek. It shows how hard you work to protect your country.

The strong minded never stood much of and chance, although they were slower to assimilate, and often required a second or third viewing of that initial video indoctrination. Kyle himself had seen it 3 times, as well as being admitted to the intense training section of the bootcamp facility.

There, he’d be put through hell, as Aiden and Brian said, as they too needed a good ass kicking to fully confrom. Typically, it was the strong willed, the proud, the intelligent, the gay boys, or bi boys, the “progressive liberal” youths that were taken to intensive training, where the white noise and electromagnetic fields wreaked havoc on their minds.

Filling their dreams with propaganda, using some of their liking for men against them with scenes of overtly masculine boys being men. Which changed slowly to hot blondes, perky brunettes, and finally, switching to nothing but drawn out straight sex scenes and instructions on how to be a true man, how to enjoy yourself and a woman’s touch, a new craving for pussy, the desperate desire to rut and strut for them, the boys would all find their minds draining of intelligence as it was filled with sex, workouts, training, rough housing, rowdy displays of manhood, slowly burying their former individuality.

By the end of the 6th month, not one Recruit was left in their original physical or mental state. All clean cut, straight laced, testosterone pumped tough fuckers looking for their next good time and fighting for the country. Ky, Aiden, and Brian couldn’t wait to get back to the states, Ky especially, as it was a big part of the program to get back, and show who you truly are to your friends and family. Plus, he’d been keeping in touch with Sandra, his “fag hag” who happened to be a drop dead gorgeous young thing he was planning on bedding the first night back! If all goes well, He’ll have left a parting gift deep in her tight, toned belly, and would be crossing the ocean back to the Barracks in a week, a fully converted Marine.

“Dude! You think I should take my shirt off for this? She hasn’t seen a pic since the first fuckin’ week bro! Bet she creams herself when she sees my pecs!” - Ky shouted, giving his pecs a bounce in his shirt.

“Nah, bro! It‘ll be a fucking riot seeing her soak herself when you finally take your uniform off at the pool party they’re throwin’ for our welcome party! Shit’s gonna be SICK!” - Aiden bellowed, taking one last picture of Ky, his best bro, on top of one of the trucks.

The Three of them couldn’t wait to go back, but nothing was better than sweatin’ under the desert sun, showing the world what men are made of, for Good Ol’ Uncle Sam!

I Choose You

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut for sure but I don’t know

Rating: Mature

Request by theb-tchyidol

Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

#132: “I haven’t slept in four days…”

He had offered to cure your boredom but you weren’t expecting him to take you to the abandoned warehouse in town. “Jungkook where the hell are we?” you whisper yell at him.

He stopped in the dark hallway. “Do you believe in ghosts?” he asked you seriously. “Because I heard this place is haunted.”

You smack his shoulder. “Yeah righ-” you say before hearing something scurry around. “What was that?! Did you hear that?!” 

He scoffed. “It was probably just your imagination Y/N, stop being a baby.”

You narrow your eyes and pout just as you grip his hand for security. After the both you were done exploring such a place, he offered to take you home because what were friends for? “Thanks Kookie, I had fun…” you say to him just as he gives you a friendly hug and a kiss on the cheek. He was and still is your best friend. His cell phone went off as he walked down your driveway. 

“Hey babe~! Yeah…I’ll be there soon..” he said to the person through the phone. Your smile faded as you watched him fade away into the darkness of the night. 

He had a new girl every week and every girl was jealous of you so they would sabotage your relationship with him. Your feelings got hurt when he chose a random girl over you. His best friend. But you had learned that your best friend turned into a fuckboy and that’s what fuckboys do. But Jungkook would always be your best friend first, regardless of how you felt for him. You stepped into your house and tried to sleep but you were alone. 

For four days you tried to sleep but your imagination kept playing tricks on you. You needed your friend and you were surprised to even see him on your doorstep. 

“What happened to you?” he asked playfully but you were in no mood to play. 

“I haven’t slept in four days…” you said exhausted and you felt faint but he had caught you before you collapsed. He held you in his arms before taking you into your bedroom and lay you down. 

“Get some rest then..I’d ask why but I have a hunch.” he said as he turned to leave but you stopped him.

You were almost in tears. “P-Please stay with me….I-I don’t want to be alone.” you whispered almost ashamed. He was silent for a few minutes but he eventually agreed and laid down beside you in your queen sized bed.

When you grew silent, Jungkook loved over to look down at you as he chuckled. “Troublesome girl..” he teased as he watched you sleep. The rise and fall of your chest was letting him aware that you were just exhausted. He looked around your room from where he lay just before getting up. He saw your childhood pictures with him hanging on one side of your wall. “When did we drift apart?” he asked himself quietly just as he received a text but he quickly turned his phone off so it wouldn’t disturb you. 

He went over to your desk as his fingers ran down the wood and landed on a book. An old faded book. He looked at you before looking back to the book and started to flip through the pages. 

“Page 23…Dear Diary…The moment you kiss someone and everything becomes hazy and the only thing in focus is you and this person..and you realize that person is the only person you want to kiss for the rest of your life. Diary I found him..” 

“Page 45…Dear Diary…I tried..I really tried but I can’t keep pretending everything is alright. I would give anything to take it all back…”

“Page 60..Dear Diary..Her or Me..Jungkook…Here I am begging…Her or me…Jungkook I love you…Choose me…love me…”

“Page 90…Dear Diary… I miss him so much it hurts…Will this pain ever go away? Diary, I can’t do this without him…”

Jungkook paused his readings to look back at you to check on your sleeping form. 

“Page 100…Dear-” he shut the book. Startled when he had heard you starting to stir from your slumber. 

“Kookie..What are you doing?” you asked him while rubbing your eyes. 

He ignored your question as he brought you into a kiss. You were surprised at first but you melted into his hold. The kiss was like the first time he had kissed you all those months ago. Soft and Gentle. He pulled your blankets back as he lifted your shirt up and began to undress you. When the both of you were naked, you became shy and wanted to cover up but he stopped you. 

“No don’t…you’re beautiful.” he whispered as he kissed down your body as if worshiping you. You bit your lip as he spread you open to taste you but he was only there for a few minutes. He kissed back up your body as he lined himself up to your entrance and pushed himself in.

You gripped his shoulders and moaned while arching your back. He filled you up and you felt full. He thrusted in and out of you as he panted into your ear. “I love you.” you thought he said but you were too focused on the moment. “Are you going to come for me Y/N?” he asked you as you were whining and whimpering avoiding his gaze. “Look at me.” he voiced sternly. You look at him with a flustered expression as you tried to contain your moans. “Are you…going to come?” he asked again as he thrusts in and out of you.

You nodded your head. “Y-Yes!” you breathed as you felt him increase his speed and leaned further into you causing him to go in deeper. “Jungkook~!” you scream his name. Jungkook grunted and hissed into your ear as soon as he came undone. He marked your neck, claiming you. He got up off of you and cleaned you off before getting dressed and you got dressed blushing.

“I ready your diary.” he barely said as he faced. 

You were caught off guard. “W-What?” you stared at him. 

“I read your diary and I choose you.” he stated.

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Translator Problems [Part 2] || Taehyung

Requested by - @theb-tchyidol Here you go lovely <3

Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader (ft. BTS)

Genre - Fluff, Humor

Summary - When asked about pranks, the boys do a great job at remembering you. But when it’s your turn to answer a question, you do a better job at leaving them embarrassed on live television (and they’re completely clueless)

‘We’re going live in…five,’ The producer yelled, everybody scurrying around as he held up five fingers in the air, counting down silently. With every finger that folded, the make up artists stepped away from the set and the hair stylists did their final touches right in time as the producer’s last finger folded back into his fist.

The camera was rolling, and all of you - the seven boys and yourself - faced the female interviewer whose name you surprisingly remembered.

Coming to Japan for the second time proved to be much of a hassle since your group had gotten more renowned, and you didn’t think there was even a single day when you didn’t have any interviews.

You pretty much enjoyed interviews, especially if the interviewer had a good sense of humor, and you knew she did - you remembered her name because of that.

As she spilled question after question, all the boys - especially Namjoon - answering with interest and perkiness, you occasionally spewing your own answers as well, time flew by.

Within half an hour, you’d all begun answering questions sent in by the fans, and to say they were interesting was definitely a hilarious understatement.

“Who pranks the most, and who falls for them the most?”- the interviewer read out of a card, -“By Y/N/N”
Not only did the question make everybody laugh, but the username of the fan made Jungkook almost fall off his chair.

‘So, is there?’ A playful twinkle danced in the interviewer’s eyes and you knew what the boys would say before they’d even opened their mouths.

'We’re know for a fact that Y/N falls for them the most - but she’s not to blame, we usually play collective pranks on her.’ Namjoon chuckled which soon turned into a fit of laughter. The others joined in later, Jimin throwing himself on top of you as he giggled.

You had to admit, it was funny - but Jin’s laugh that Jungkook had so artfully named 'the windshield wiper laugh’ made you crack harder. The interviewer and the crew seemed to enjoy it as well.

'Any instances?’ She managed to ask as she let out another laugh.

'There was this one time,’ Hoseok began but couldn’t finish his sentence. He said it was too funny.

'We’d pretended we didn’t know that Y/N knew Japanese and English.’ Jimin continued for him. 'And it almost drove her to the brink of throwing a plate at us.’ The boys laughed together, and you blushed so hard you were sure they’d definitely caught your red-tipped ears on camera.

'Speaking-’ The interviewer chuckled, ’-speaking of knowing languages, there’s this other question for you, Y/N, about your multilingual talent: How are you fluent in three different languages?’

You silently thanked for the minor distraction before you proceeded to answer the question, 'Well, my parents were settled in England by the time I was born, so I learned English that way. As for Japanese, I was just too done with subtitles while watching Animes - so I learned it. And I’m a Korean by birth.’ You explained.

'And they knew it when you met them first - right?’ She asked you and you were about to tell her yes, when your mind seemed to have other ideas.

'They did, actually. But of course, they love pranking me just because I fall for it. But perhaps they do it so that I don’t let the fans know about how much they fall for pranks themselves,’ You joked, winking at the camera. You heard Taehyung snicker from beside you and you knew he was aware of where you were leading the answer.

'Is that so?’ Humor danced in the interviewer’s eyes.

'To be honest,’ You began in Japanese, giving the interviewer a look to remain quiet while you pretended to narrate a story that was nothing but you explaining a completely different scenario - a scenario where a fan had given you a lovely album.

But with the way the boys were staring at you or glancing at each other, sweating profusely with their own minds trying to comprehend what exactly you were saying, you were absolutely enjoying it - so was the the lady opposite you. You even began insulting them very subtly by letting slip a few of their embarrassing moments like when Jimin had slept so soundly that he hadn’t noticed there were all sorts of drawings on his face - and hadn’t noticed it by next morning. Or when the laptop crashed thanks to the whole lot of 'videos’ stashed in it by none other than the leader. Perhaps deleting most of Jungkook’s Overwatch characters was the best prank you’d ever pulled off. You watched as Jungkook eyed you the moment he heard the word ‘overwatch’ spill from your lips - you were so, so, so begging for trouble.

'I’m sure what she’s saying isn’t true,’ Jin interrupts with an awkward laugh and you couldn’t help but giggle. Only the viewers and the interviewer along with the whole crew knew what you were saying. Even Namjoon seemed troubled with translating your speech.

'Revenge is always a dish served cold, ARMY.’ You winked at the camera again and of course, you knew you were in too deep shit. But hey, that’s what maknaes are for, right?


Lost in Marvel  (Part 6/?)

Avengers x Reader, Tony x Reader (Platonic), Reader x Pietro Maximoff (Slightly)

Word count: 800+

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8 (Coming soon)

(Not my gifs)

It was a quiet morning in the tower, most of the avengers weren’t up making it easy for you to get around without going into fangirl mode and thanks to F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s help you weren’t getting lost like you would normally do. After having some cereal you’d change from your pj’s into something that was suitable for training as you planned to work on your abilities.

Along the way to the training room you had gathered a few objects to help with your telekinesis training, entering the empty training room you set the objects down onto the floor roughly the same distance away from each other on the ground.

“What are you doing up so early?” You turn around to see Pietro leaning against the door frame.

“Training and you?”

“I’m here to help” He says walking into the room “So what kind of intense training are you planning on using this dictionary for?” You let out a small chuckle as you placed the last object onto the ground.

“You know what my abilities are right?” You ask making him think for a few seconds.

“Fury sent me the file but I’m not a fan of reading…a lot” Pietro answers making you raise your brow “You can move things with your mind like Wanda and knock anyone out like Cap, am I right?” He says rubbing the back of his head.

“Yeah and heal like Deadpool” his eyes widen at the mention of the Merc with a mouth.

“That guy is a bit weird but funny, sometimes” You took a few steps away from the items you’d laid down.

“Okay less talking more training?” His face went from sweet to serious within seconds.

“Bring it on (Nickname)!” He says getting into position.

“Really? (Nickname)? Thats like the worst nickname ever?” He then breaks out into laughter.

“I’m not gonna change it! (Nickname), you’d better get used to it because I’m never gonna let it go”

“Fine I’ll just have to come up with a terrible one for you now”

“Good luck"

And with that the two of you had trained for many hours without knowing, you two were actually enjoying yourself, at some point you’d accidentally hit Pietro in the face with the dictionary which made you laugh like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh there you guys are, been looking all over for you” You turn your head to the side to see Steve.

“Oh hey, what’s up?” You answer picking yourself off the ground.

“Wow I’ve never actually seen speedy in the same place for more than a minute, what’s your secret?” Steve says making you laugh.

“Shut up old man” Pietro says from the other side of the training room face first on the ground.

“Oh yeah the reason I came looking for you two was because Stark invited the rookie over so I thought it would be nice if you wanted to meet him”

“Yeah sure” You answered immediately making him smile and then walk away.

“Whose the rookie?” You ask the speedster as you turned around to face him only to catch him taking of his shirt to reveal his welt but chest ‘I’m in Marvel heaven’.

“Not sure, really wants to be an Avenger though- Oh like what you see?” You immediately scoffed and turned around and headed for the exit, you could feel your face heat up. “I’ll see ya later (Nickname)” you simply waved and continued walking towards your room and took a quick shower and changed into something more comfortable. In that time you’d put the pieces together and realised the rookie that Tony had invited was in fact Peter, who else could it be?

Making your way out of your room you spot Sam passing by “Hey Sam, where we are the others?” You ask walking down the corridor and stopping in front of him.

“Hey, they’re downstairs, I was heading there way myself” the two of you made your way to the others in the living room only to see everyone but Tony and the guest. You decided to take a seat next to Natasha who seemed like the most chill person to sit next to.

“Hey Natasha”

“Heya (Name) I heard you kicked speedy’s ass in training” You let out a nervous giggle as she brought up the memories of the training session.

“Well not physically-“

“Pietro was laying flat on the ground, he really did get his ass kicked” You were cut off by Steve and the laughters of the rest of the group.

Language” Tony said as he entered the room with none other than Peter Parker.

“Your really never gonna let the go, are you Tony?” Cap says giggling.

“Never” Tony replied and let out a fake cough to get everyones attention “Oh this is Peter Parker, he’s-“



I’m sorry for the long wait Part 6 is here! Hope you guys liked it! Let me know what you thought about it or if you’d like to be tagged in future parts!

Tagg list: 

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The boys with a S/O who has been struggling to sleep

This is a simple reminder to take any medication you might need today. It’s important that you take good care of yourself -Mod Kirumi

Shuichi Saihara

-He’s a detective so of course he noticed your dark eye bags and the fact that you’ve been awake early in the morning

-When he asks you if your okay you come clean and let him know that you’ve been struggling to sleep

-“I’ve probably gotten four hours of sleep in the last week”

-He spends all day planing on how he can get you to sleep

-Once it gets dark out he plays some classical music and makes you a cup of tea

-The two of you are laying in the couch wrapped in blankets and he’s reading to you

-Slowly your eyes close and you drift off to sleep

-For the first time in a week you get a good night sleep

Ouma Kokichi

-He came home late from a night out with some dice members

-He was surprised to see you sitting on the couch staring blankly at the t.v

-Which was playing a movie in a language you didn’t understand

-“Nishishi did you wait up for me?”

-“No I just couldn’t fall asleep. I haven’t really been able to for the past few days.”

-A smile appears on his face in a second.

-He runs to the bathroom and grabs his sleeping pills from under the sink

-When he comes back he shoves a few in your mouth and hands you the bottle

-Before you know it your passed out on the couch

-“Sweet dreams S/O.”

-He pats himself on the back and continues to watch the movie you were watching

-Even if he doesn’t understand French

Gonta Gokuhara

-“Gonta could sing to you.”

-“it’s fine Gonta.”

-“Gonta could let spider walk on your back. Very calming.”

-“Gonta really I’m fine. It’s just a little sleep isue.”

-When you told your boyfriend about your sleeping issues lately he a had been trying to come up with ways to get you to fall asleep.

-“Gonta could-”

-He cut himself off with a loud yawn

-“Why don’t you go get some sleep big guy. I’ll feed the crickets and Theb I’ll lay down and try to get some shut eye.”

-Reluctantly he left you alone with his bugs

-He wanted to help you

-The next morning he found you sprawled out on the floor by the cricket tank

-At first he was worried but when he realized you were finally asleep he picked you up and put you on the bed

Rantaro Amami

-He’s used to staying up late and helping people fall asleep

-The last time he got a good nights sleep was probably ages ago

-He’s always helping his sisters fall asleep

-So when you came to him, telling him you were so stressed you couldn’t sleep he knew what to do immediately

-Wraping you up in blankets the two of you sat on the couch talking about anything and everything

-He made sure to avoid the topic that was the cause of your stress

-Around 4 am the two of you finally fell asleep, leaning against each other

-While you slept all day Rantaro made sure to wake up and let your work know you wouldn’t be coming in today

Kaito Momota


-His was of helping was really just to tire you out

-Normally when he was training you would watch him with an amused look on your face

-Tonight you were forced to participate

-“is 150 push-ups even possible?”

-“Just keep going! We won’t stop till we’ve both passed out in the floor!”

-Jumping jacks, sit ups push-ups, Burpee’s, and everything else Kaito could think of

-Your arms were sore and your body was exhausted

-Finally you stopped. Grabbing a glass of water you downed it in a second before walking over to the couch.

-Curling up on the leather couch you finally fell asleep. It may not have been the fastest solution but it was quite effective

K1-B0/ Keebo/Kiibo

-When you told him that you were struggling to sleep he immediately began researching things that help humans sleep

-in less than an hour Keebo had practically written an encyclopedia about falling asleep

-He was having you eat foods that can cause fatigue

-Whale noises are playing in the background

-He don’t understand why it’s not working

-Just before giving up you let out a long drawn out yawn

-He’s so happy that he was able to help you even a little bit

Korekiyo Shinguji

-When he noticed that you were struggling to fall asleep he confronted you immediately

-You told him that you had so much work to get done and the stress was taking a toll on you

-He has just the solution for your little dilemma

-While visiting an old village an old lady had given him tea leaves said to relieve stress

-A side affect being drowsiness

-Wow it’s almost like you two were in a fanfic and the author needed a simple solution

-After drinking the tea you can feel it working almost immediately

-Does this count as getting high??

Ryoma Hoshi

-You both are in the same boat

-He has sleeping issues too

-Every time he closes his eyes he sees all the people who he killed and those who died because of him

-He doesn’t want that to happen to you

-For a while the two of you spend your nights walking in the park or sitting in empty parking lots

-After days of you going without sleep he starts to get really worried about you

-He has no choice but to take you to the hospital and get you sleeping medication

-Your all he has left to live for and he’ll be dammed if he lets anything happen to you


Lost in Marvel  (Part 5/?)

Avengers x Reader, Tony x Reader (Platonic)

Word count: 1,200+ 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8 (Coming soon)

(Not my gifs)

“Is there something wrong (Last Name)?” Nick asks as he turns towards you ‘Didn’t Pietro…’.

“No it’s…it’s nothing” You answer quietly. You could feel Tony watching you, he knew something was up and was probably going to ask you about it later.

“Do you really think speedy is a good choice? He’s just a kid” Steve asks crossing his arms over his chest.

“Yes, he’s about the same age as (Last Name), I’m sure they’ll get along just fine” Nick answers.“Well that settles this meeting” Fury says picking up his papers and tablet and leaving the room

“See ya later” Steve says as he follows Nick.

“You wanna tell me what that was about?” Tony asks as you pull out of your chair to get up.

“On my Earth Pietro…died” His eyes widen as you answer.

“Do want me to have a word with Nick?” He says getting up from his seat.

“No I’m actually really happy, I’m glad this world isn’t like how I’d thought it’d be” You gave Tony a small smile before walking out the meeting room with him following you not that far behind. “So what do I do now? Go see Bruce about my Healing factor?”

“No, what you need to do is have a bath, eat dinner and get straight to bed, you need your rest after what happened today”

“Pffft Okay Dad” The two of you giggle and your terrible comeback.

“Don’t tempt me I can adopt you” You look up at him slightly shocked but he continues to laugh. “And as for where you’ll be staying, you’ll be moving into Avengers Tower, with the rest of the team”

“Really? But I’m not even an Avenger? You sure it’s okay?” You ask a bit surprised that they’ve taken you in so quickly.

“It was my decision” you were taken aback by his response.

“Thank you, Tony, you’ve done so much for me an-“ You could feel your eyes slowly tear up and before you could even finish Tony had cut you off and pulled you into an warm hug.

“Hey, shhh, It’s no problem kiddo” He says whilst rubbing you back.

“Sorry I didn’t think I’d get so emotional” You take a step back whilst wiping away your tears from your cheek.        

“There’s nothing wrong with that, now why don’t we head home?” He says wrapping an arm around your shoulder.


After a great ride on Tony ’s helicopter to the Avengers tower (You felt like throwing up about 5 times) and seeing New York from above which was awesome, you slowly get out of the helicopter trying your best not to fall, the strong gust of wind pushed your (Colour) hair strands over your face making it hard for you to see.

And here you finally were at the Avengers Tower, home to all Avengers. It was a lot better than you expected ‘The other are probably in this building!’ You could feel the goosebumps start to appear on your arms as you followed Tony into the building.

“Welcome home Mr. Stark and Ms (Name)” F.R.I.D.A.Y says as the two of you make your way through the facility.

“Hey Friday, wheres everyone else? I specifically told them to be here for dinner” Tony asks.

“Ms. Romanoff is returning soon from her mission while Mr. Barton is away with his family and Mr. Rogers, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Barnes are on their way-“ Tony’s AI continued to talk as you stopped in what seemed like a living room.

“What about the Maximoff twins?”

“Ms. Maximoff is training with vision in the training room and as for Mr. Maxi-“ before F.R.I.D.A.Y. could finish a strong gust off wind rushed passed you resulting pushing you back slightly.

“Pietro! What have I told you about-“ You quietly watch from behind Tony as he scolds Pietro.

“-Running? Sorry couldn’t help myself” unable to hold yourself you let out a few giggle catching Pietro’s attention. “So your (Name) the new girl?” You give him a shy smile ‘Two words, MIND BLOWN!’

“Yeah that’s me”

“Heard your not from around here, that true?” He asks taking a step closer looking intensely at you.

“Yeah I’m from another Earth, parallel, not really sure ” You

“Cool, I’m Pietro, Fury assigned me to be your-“

“-Babysitter” You cut him off making him laugh ‘Oh my god his laugh is adorable as f***’.

“Hey guys we got the food!” You turned around to see Sam Wilson AKA Falcon walking beside Steve and Bucky ‘Calm down (Name) two avengers at the same time, no big deal’

“You guys took way too long” Tony says taking the pizza boxes  from Sam and making his way towards the large table.

“(Name) right?” Sam says standing next to you.

“Yeah that’s me and your Sam” the two of you shake hands and get to know each other.

“Go to see you doing okay (Name), heard about what happened today” Bucky says handing you a plate with two pizza slices “Grabbed you some before that speedster ate them all”

“You should’ve seen the other guy and thanks Bucky” You say whilst taking the plate.

“Why didn’t you grab any for me Buck?” Sam asks as he tries to take a slice off Bucky’s plate only to get it slapped away.

“Get your own food” Bucky replied making you giggle as the two continued to argue.

“I hope those two aren’t causing too much trouble for you?” You turn to see Natasha Romanoff casually standing next to you and taking a bite out of her pizza ‘How did I not notice her!!’

“N-no, not at all” You give her a nervous smile and try your best not scream ‘It’s only Natasha Romanoff one of the best spies and assassins in the world!’ “Erm did your mission go well Ms. Romanoff?”

“Call me Natasha and yeah, It’s nice to finally the person who came from an another world, (Name) right?”

“Yeah, it’s nice to finally nice to meet you too, I’m a big fan”

“I can tell, don’t be so nervous we’re all friends here” She says before patting your back and walking off towards the others. As the others continued to catch up amongst themselves you felt as if you were an anomaly, which was completely true this wasn’t your world, you didn’t belong here, not with them.

Without being noticed you made your way out of the room and made your way through the hallway maybe a walk would help clear your depressing mood.

“Good evening Ms. (Name), do you require any assistance?”  F.R.I.D.A.Y. asks as you wander around.

“Yeah actually, could you tell me where my room is? I think I’m gonna call it a night"

“Of course”

Most of the Avengers had all said their goodbyes and left, the only two that remained where Natasha and Tony. Natasha took this opportunity to finally talk to Tony after setting her book on the coffee table she made her way towards him.

“Tony, we need to talk” He looks up at Nat from his tablet.

“About what?”


“Had a feeling you’d say that”

“She’s good, escaped HYDRA twice, and with practice could become a great member of our team”

“You think I don’t already know that? Let the kid settle in before making future plans, she may know us but we don’t know much about her” He says running a hand through his hair.

“What does that mean?” She says folding her arms over her chest.

“Never mind, can we talk about it some other time?” Tony says getting up from his seat and making his way out of the room.

“Sure” Natasha says to herself.

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Title: A MilkShake Date (Part 8 Back to the Future(Reader x Peter Parker) 

Summary: The reader and Peter are finally off on a date! A date that has to, of course, be ruined by certain devastating news.

Word Count: 1330

A/N: YAY I HAVE FINALLY POSTED! It’s been a crazy emotional whirlwind of a week but I’M HERE! I hope you guys enjoy :) 

Part 9

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Burnt Into Ashes (OCs, sickfic, part 3)

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5 (final)

By the time Elliott got to the restaurant, Liam was waiting for him with an unbridled glare. Elliott half expected a slap in the face when Liam strode toward him - it had never happened before, even during their worst fights heading into the breakup, but Elliott wouldn’t have put it past him.

“You’re late, Chapman,” Liam snapped, though Elliott thought he saw a flicker of…something in his face. It might have been sympathy, but it disappeared so quickly that he could just as easily have imagined it. “What do you have to say for yourself, then?”

Elliott opened his mouth to reply, to tell him he was sick, he shouldn’t even be here to begin with when he wasn’t scheduled, but he didn’t have a chance to form so much as a syllable before his nose twitched. Liam was the last person he wanted to sneeze around, but he didn’t get a choice in the matter as he hastily twisted to the side.

hh’EHGKTzISSH’u!” Wincing, he emerged from his forearm, trying to blink away the pounding ache that spiked in his temple. His throat burned, and he didn’t trust himself to speak without coughing.

Liam recoiled, and in his haze, Elliott couldn’t tell whether it was out of disgust or…other reasons. “Good lord, keep that to yourself, will you?”

Elliott scowled and cleared his raw throat. He tried to pretend the comment didn’t sting - he supposed he should’ve expected  it. “Tryi’g. You’re the ode called mbe id. How lo’g ab I worki’g, adyway? You ndever said.”

Elliott knew he was pushing his luck, but Liam, for once, did not admonish him for his bristly tone. Instead he seemed to genuinely consider it. “Through the lunch rush, at least, and quite probably through dinner as well. I suppose I did say you could do half, inconvenient as it is…”

“Id–idcodvediedt?” Elliott stammered, incredulous.

“Yes,” Liam said briskly. “We are short today, as I said. So I’ll need you as long as possible.”

Elliott stared, mouth hanging open. He wasn’t sure if it was the fever or the shock of Liam blatantly ignoring how ill he was that was muddling his head, but either way, he didn’t have enough time to sort out his thoughts before Liam spoke again.

“Get to work now, will you?” With that, Liam turned on his heel to wait his own tables, leaving Elliott standing, stunned and shivery, in the lobby. He wished more than anything that he could keep his sweatshirt on while he worked, but alas, he hung it on the hook in the coat room and clocked in before trudging to his section. He was freezing, and it made him cough each time the tremors tore through him.

As he rattled off the specials to the couple at his first table, he kept stumbling over the words, trying not to stammer or sniffle. In the end, he wasn’t sure how much they even heard through the thickness in his voice, and he didn’t care. He had to sneeze so badly that he barely scribbled down their orders and took their menus before he wheeled around and buried his face in his elbow.

hh’GSsSH’mpf! hnh’nKGTZSHh! h-hh-hAH! AEGKJISsSHU!” Trying to hold them back did absolutely nothing but make the last of the triple harsher and wetter. He bit back a groan as he straightened, increasingly aware of how badly his body ached and how much he wished he could just sit down.

“What did I say about keeping that to yourself?”

Elliott jumped, snapping his head up to find Liam in front of him, arms crossed. Elliott didn’t have the will to argue, and his words came out feeble and hoarse. “Told you, I’b tryi’g. Y’kdow I cad’t stop theb like–” Like you can.

Liam’s frown deepened, though he glossed over Elliott’s unfinished reminder as if he hadn’t heard it at all. “Be that as it may, I won’t be losing customers because one of my employees is–disgusting–around the food.” He tripped over the middle of the sentence, and Elliott knew what he’d meant to say. Sneezing. He was sneezing around the food, and Liam still had trouble saying the word in public.

“Either that or spe’d half the day sdeezi’g id the bathroob,” Elliott muttered with a tired sniffle. “A’d you’ve already mbade it clear what you thigk of that.”

Liam appeared to be considering his employee’s predicament, lips pursed in a thin line. He soon made it clear, however, that this was not the case. “Regardless, have some courtesy. You can do as you please later.”

“Rhh-huh’IGHJShihSsH!..right…” Elliott breathed, dissolving into a regrettable bout of coughing. God, he wished Liam weren’t such an arse. He’d give just about anything for a bit of rest and a hot cup of tea. It would at least soothe his throat, which had been destroyed by the single sneeze.

“Did you even bother to take anything this morning?” Liam asked, clipped and irritable. If Elliott hadn’t known better, he might have mistaken it for some sort of abrasive concern. But of course, Liam had to be long over him. It had been months, after all.

Elliott balked at the question. “Nd-doh,” he admitted, sheepishly. “Forgot.”

Liam sighed, exasperated. “Of course you did.” He turned to leave without a hint of sympathy, nor an offer to let him off - as if Elliott expected either. “Just don’t pass out on me, alright?”

Elliott had taken to absently massaging his temple with the heel of his hand, and though he was sure he might fall asleep if he stood still too long, he replied with a mumbled, “Woulded’t dreab of it…”

Despite what he said, Elliott couldn’t shake the bone deep exhaustion that had him dragging through the entirety of lunch. He did his best not to look as miserable as he felt, but if he accomplished even a fraction of the attentiveness he didn’t have, he would have been amazed. Three times he wrote an order down wrong and had to stumble back to the kitchen to exchange it, each time earning him a grumble from Liam and a look of pity from anyone in the vicinity. Twice, he was asked why he was there, and when he offered his reasoning, his co-workers were stunned that even Liam would keep him there looking as awful as he did.

Elliott himself did his best to avoid the mirrors in the bathroom, especially when he ducked in to succumb to another sneezing fit. He didn’t need to make it worse by seeing how terrible he looked with his own eyes. It was enough to read the looks on everyone’s faces, ranging anywhere from poorly concealed disgust to deep concern.

Still, he managed, for the most part, to keep pace with the rush until near the end when a series of dizzy spells overtook him. He was aware by now that his fever had risen, and while he tried to ignore it, it was wearing him out. His shirt stuck to his back and he shivered each time a draft hit him. He was on his way back to a table, bearing a tray of drinks when he caught himself stumbling sideways. He caught himself against the wall, but in the process sacrificed the tray and its contents to the floor with a loud CLANG!

Someone came over and put a hand on his shoulder. “Whoa, hey, are you alright?” It took him a minute to realize it was Gabriel, one of the restaurant’s newer employees - a tall, lanky fellow about Elliott’s age, and kind as anything. Elliott was grateful for the steadying hand as he tried to straighten and regain focus through the fog in his brain.

“Y-yeah, I’b fihh-huh–IGKtZIhSSH!” The sneeze cut him off, and he was immediately bracing himself against the wall again, bent almost double. “Hehh-hh’EHJSsSHISH! hah’AEGHSsChU! hih’yIGHTSsSCHU! h-haehhEIJhSSCHISSH’uh!” Gabriel kept a steady hold on his arm, and if Elliott were honest, it was half the reason he didn’t sink to the floor then and there. He brought his free hand to his face, covering clumsily with the back of his wrist when the sneezes kept coming. “h-hih’IhJSCHISH’U! huh’UHKgTZISSH’h! hah’AEHJSZHISHh! huh’EHGKTzISSHU!

Each one was explosive and had him curling in on himself. He couldn’t take a full breath between, and even if he could, breathing hurt after all the coughing he’d done over the course of the day. He couldn’t even attempt to stop the sneezes, they were so forceful, so insistent, so merciless.

Gabriel’s hand left his shoulder, and for a moment, Elliott was sure he would fall over. He tried to open his eyes to see where his co-worker had gone, but each time, he had to slam them shut again. “hiEHh–EHZhJISsSH’U! huh’UHkGTZSCH! Hh-h-hehh! IDhJzSSCH’u!

Just as Elliott was considering letting himself drop, the hand returned, and this time with another that pressed several paper napkins into Elliott’s own. He hadn’t thought about it until now, so wrapped up was he in remaining on his feet, but he desperately needed them. He crushed them to his face as the fit finally tapered off, blowing his nose in the aftermath. The ordeal left his head spinning, and Gabriel steadied him when he swayed.

“Are you certain you’re okay?” Gabriel asked. “I don’t have a car, but I can call a cab for you.”

Elliott had time neither to answer nor recover before another voice cut in.

“Oi, what’s going on here?” Elliott blinked in an effort to clear away the fuzzy blackness at the edges of his vision and found Liam, gesturing to the pool of drinks on the floor. “What are you two doing? This isn’t the time for tea and cuddles, in case you hadn’t noticed.” He pointed at Gabriel with a sharp jab of his finger. “You - clean that up while I deal with him.”

“But–Liam–” Gabriel started.

“I said take care of it!” Liam barked, and then turned to Elliott without leaving any room for discussion. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, anyway?”

“S..sdeezi’g…” Elliott mumbled. Both his own voice and Liam’s sounded distant in his ears, and he was surprised at how difficult it was to get the one word out. It was like speaking through molasses, like his lips had gone numb and he had forgotten how to make words.

“Well, don’t just stand there,” Liam said, nearly shouting at him. “Your table is waiting, and now you’ve been here for god knows how long chatting with the new boy–”

“Liam, you’re being a bit hard on him,” said someone else, a girl - Alisa. She was always sticking up for Elliott when Liam came down hard on him, and Elliott was especially grateful for it right now. He was starting to zone out of the conversation, only catching snippets of what they were saying. His hearing faded in and out, though he caught a bit where Liam barked at him again to retrieve another tray of drinks.

Elliott willed his legs to move, but they wouldn’t budge. “Liab…” he said, barely a whisper. “I…I ndeed t’ sit d…” He didn’t manage to finish the sentence as the blackness encroached and the scene blurred before him.

“Watch it, he’s–!”

Elliott didn’t get to hear what he was. He was only aware of his body going weak, and then his knees buckled. He didn’t feel himself hit the floor.


Lost in Marvel  (Part 3/?)

Avengers x Reader, Tony x Reader (Platonic)

Word count: 1,100

(Not my gif)

Haven’t read the other part? Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6   Part 7  Part 8 (Coming soon)

“Tony can please explain?” Tony turns his gaze from the screen back towards you.

“Well the good news is HYDRA hasn’t done anything to you..” Tony starts to explain.

“What’s the bad news?” You ask.

“There isn’t, it’s just….why didn’t you tell us you had abilities?” Tony asks bringing the tablet towards you.

“What abilities? I donno what your talking about” you slight turn your head in confusion.

“I think the best way to discuss this is to do some more tests” Bruce says as he makes his way out of the room.

“Come on” Tony says and you follow the two men.

“Where now?” You ask as you walk beside Tony who was flicking through his tablet.

“The gym” Tony answers ‘What the hell is going on?’.

“Hmm- Ah this one’s empty we can work here” Bruce opens the door to a large dark room and as you enter the lights automatically turn on.

“Okay kiddo show me what you got?” Tony says walking into the middle of the room while Bruce takes a seat on a chair and works on Tony’s tablet.

“Wait what?” You cross your arms over your chest “ Tony your making no sense, I’m not fighting you!”.

“Just do it" he says.

“No!” You continue to argue with Tony and without warning he launches a punch directly at you which you quickly stop with your right hand.

“Woah” he exclaims as you unintentionally grip tighter onto his arm.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you” you say as you quickly let go of his hand and back away clutching firmly onto your right hand.

“It’s okay kid, I now better now to get you angry” he chuckles to himself as he rubs his hand.

“Let’s try something else” Bruce says pointing towards the punching bag in the corner. “Now (Name) don’t hold back you have extraordinary abilities beyond Steve and Wanda combined”.

You make your way towards the punching bag and get into position ‘Do I really have these 'abilities’ well there’s only one way to really find out’.You slowly pulled back your arm and with all your power you punched the bag dead centre sending it flying into the wall.“Oh my god that’s way cooler than in video games!” You say eyes widened as you fist bump the air in excitement.

“Awesome kid!” Tony says as he gives you a high five.

“Brilliant” Bruce says

“Was not expecting that” another voice says making the three of you turn to see Steve standing next Bucky….WAIT BUCKY! you internally scream as they both look at you dumbfounded. 

“Hey Capsicle, Buck” Tony greets them and Bruce gives them a wave and continues to work but you just stood there in shock still staring at Bucky 'How? He’s here and Tony’s there and..and…I’m staring at him like a complete weirdo’ you shift your gaze away trying to avoid as much contact because you’ll probably break out into fangirl mode.

“This right here is (Full Name)” Tony introduces you to them and you give them a small wave.

“Yeah I bumped into her earlier this morning, I hope Tony hasn’t been too annoying” Steve says making chuckle.

“Nah he’s been fine” you reply still glancing at Bucky from time to time.

“Oh this is Bucky Barnes” Steve says whilst placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey nice to meet ya” You try your best to keep your cool as you talk to him.

“Nice to meet you too Ma'am” Bucky replies.

“Please call me (Name)” He nods in answer.

“So what bring you two here anyway?” Tony asks.

“Fury sent us to check up on you guys” Bucky answers.

“Well there’s only one more test (Name) has to complete which is her telekinesis abilities” you turn around to Bruce and see him pick up a small ball.

“I have no idea what to do it, I’ve only just found I have these abilities I don’t know how to control them” you say fidgeting with then end of your sleeve.

“Just concentrate and believe in yourself then you can do anything” Steve says “Like with the punching bag you didn’t hesitate there ” Steve had a point there no point making excuses if I didn’t try, practice makes perfect.You gave him a quick nod before taking a deep breath as you clenched you fists tightly, you could feel the power surge through your body as you concentrated on the ball and in a few seconds it slowly started floating in mid-air only for a bit before falling to the ground. 

“That was incredible (Name)” you give Tony a thumbs up as you leaned against the wall and slowly fell onto the ground but not before getting caught by someone but you didn’t get a good look at who is was because you had passed out.

You slowly opened your eyes to find yourself in what looks like a clinic.“Oh your up here drink some water your dehydrated ” You sat up and took the cup of water out of the nurse’s hand.

“Thanks” you down the whole cup within seconds. 

“Easy, the water isn’t going anywhere” he says and takes the empty cup from your hand.

“How long have I been out?” You ask moving the cover off the rest of your body and slowly getting off the bed.

“A few hours here take these pills they’ll help with the headache ” he says handing you some pills.

“My head doesn’t hurt but thanks anyway I should head back to the other I still have a bunch of questions for Tony” you say making your way towards the door.

“But you need rest, your body hasn’t recovered fully" 

“I feel totally fi-” Without noticing the nurse jabs a needle into your back which you quickly take out, you could feel yourself slowly start to loose balance and as you walk away you hit the wall trying to stay conscience, your eyelids start to become really heavy but that wasn’t going to stop you. You grab onto the door handle and push down to open it.

“It’s no use its locked” the evil nurse laughs as he pick up another needle from his desk.

You push yourself off from the wall and aim your fist for the locked door and launch towards it breaking the door, you could sense the nurse getting close behind you so you spun around and give him a quick jab in the face knocking out a few of his teeth in the process and falls to the ground.

“Now stay down” You say looking down at the passed out nurse.

“I could say the same for you” an unfamiliar voice says from behind as he plunged a needle into your neck rendering you unconscious.


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