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Fall Is Amazing Because:

Perfect Explanation: it’s the only season where it’s okay to eat food and gain ten pounds due to the fact that you’re wearing clothes for pure comfort rather than trying to look hot. It’s the only season where you can drive on the r…oad and have a trail of leaves follow your car in a wind tunnel making you look like a pure bad ass doing a peel out. It’s the only season where you don’t need an air conditioner or the heat on yet so every night you sleep in perfect comfort. It’s the only season with a holiday that makes it socially acceptable to dress like a serial killer or a drag queen and not get arrested. It’s the only season that let’s us gain an hour of sleep. And lastly!, it’s the only season that all of the good marathons of the shows I love like: Ghost Hunter’s, Ghost Adventures, Disney Channel Halloween Movies, and the 13 night of Halloween on ABC family!, etc..are on TV!

Corey Romano this is like the best explanation ever.