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ayyy hi guys this is probably really unexpected but i just hit my goal!! and it’s my half birthday today!! i never thought i’d ever get this many followers! i’m really thankful and i thought i’d do something special so here is a list of 75 amazing blogs!!

A ~ D

alphabitches amypohlar anusjpg appledevice arrowdactyl babyhater baegal beyonception bootytbh chipotleh chocolatechlp chromeofficial clelusional clraft cockblocksquad connecticutest crayolo crrabs crybaybe dickpicjpg

E ~ N

eggnored goclzilla hotboysofficial hotlocalnun joeyjoe69 kimpissable koolaicl lameongrab lasagnababy mcrude meatbicyclevevo memeofficial memeulous methlab-partner milotlc nateruessofficial nerdjpg nicedildo nicememe nlghtvisions nootdoot

O ~ R

official90s officialokcupid officialramennoodle onange orlandobloomfistmeintheass pikachuties pingponging plantinq politold raddlest rnasturbaking rudeshit

S ~ #

sexymilk sharkvveek slothvevo squidwardofficial srryimperf stamosa starinq surprises therealnashgrier tornrnypickles tortillas tubins visacredit theawesomeadventurer waluiqi wifibox wifired wigglytuffvevo winking youngvlcanoes 2007official 295


i was tagged by @theawesomeadventurer to do the 2015 selfie meme!! thanks man! <3

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edit: i forgot the bonus pic

hiya it’s me with the winners of my awards!! i sorta procrastinated and i really needed to get this finished so very sorry for the wait!! anywho here’s the winners!! :)

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best overall:

grand supreme:

congrats to all the winners! make sure to check out their blogs! i’m v sorry to all those who didn’t get anything and thank you to everyone who entered!! :)