Natasha sat at the family table, scribbling a few corrections on a page of elementary mathematics. She frowned looking down at a problem, the three should be a four. Keeping an eye on the squirmy child in front of her, she spoke of addition and subtraction, hoping it would stick this time. Suddenly, her little one jumped up on the chair in excitement, little red curls bouncing. 

“That’s daddy! He’s on the TV!” her small finger was pointing into the living room at the screen. Natasha felt herself relax a bit and smile. Nobody loved Clint like their daughter did. "Mommy, we have to watch him or else!“ she jumped from her chair and quickly ran to the television. As she fluttered along like a small, cheery fairy, Natasha noticed the hem of her yellow dress was stuck in the back her purple tights. 

"Okay, baby. We’ll watch him and once he’s off the TV, you’re going to bed.” she walked up to the girl and gently tugged the sundress back down. Her daughter looked up at her with Clint’s blue eyes and smiled before taking Natasha’s hand to plant a wet kiss on it. 

They both sat together listening to Clint’s interview. Once her daughter began to get sleepy on Natasha’s lap, the woman interviewing Clint about his superhero lifestyle suddenly asked about his family life. Clint gave the woman a gentle smile.

“Balancing family and the superhero element is harder than what I first imagined. It’s the same for Natasha, but she’s an excellent partner both in the suit and out of it. We get tired more quickly now than we did when we were training for ten hours straight just a few years ago, but that’s because kids are a lot of work.”

The interviewer laughed at the right time and asked, “So is your daughter following in her parents’ footsteps? I think she’d be extremely energetic." 

Clint chuckled and nodded, "Yeah, our little Leah is all of that and more. She’s really a sweet thing, loves everyone and everything. She hangs onto me quite a bit when she can, but I think that’s because her and Natasha are carbon copies of each other, you know? Both rule the home and as tacky as it sounds, my whole being.”

The woman patted Clint’s shoulder obviously about to close the interview, whispering into his ear as the clapping of the audience got louder.

Clint looked to the camera and spoke, “Time for bed, kiddo.”

Leah stirred against Natasha’s chest and mumbled something that sounded like, ‘okay, daddy’. Natasha hugged her little one close and planted a soft kiss on her red curls.

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“Who rests within the Black Widow’s heart?” his piercing gaze of morbid curiosity followed Natasha’s every slinking move. He liked observing her - a killer given the duty of a heroine. It managed to fascinate him and disgust him all at once. The red haired assassin stopped all movements and glared at him through his glass cage.

Her steely eyes would give him nothing. She would rather die than give this evil visitor want he wanted to know. Yet, she knew that was how he liked to toy with his prey- by giving them a little game to figure through like children, where Loki would gain the upper hand, while the lesser enemy began to writhe in his power. She played with men like this before; nothing different to Natasha Romanoff. She was accustomed to playing her card of a woman with a weak feminine heart.

“I’m simply requesting your word on Agent Barton’s life. He’ll be of no use to you soon enough,” she spoke quite nonchalantly, as if passing on the forecast to a stranger.

“This is excellent,” Loki’s head dipped and he smiled with eerie pleasure. “I’ve caught myself your other half. A bit of your being.” Natasha allowed her face to budge weakly to reign Loki in. His eyes twinkled slightly and she knew she had him. “How does a murdering creature such as yourself even dare to bother? I see it in your body, the way you remember him. The smell of his skin, yes? Does the Black Widow dare to love another? Or is she simply a creature of habitual, lustful nature when her body cravings tell her she is in heat?” Natasha raised a perfect brow and allowed a ghost of a grin to infect her face. She had been insulted many times in her life, but she had to give Loki the credit he deserved for his insults were the most poetic.

“I guess you’ll never know,” she spoke softly. Satisfaction hit her as she watched Loki’s face fall ever so slightly. Loki was like any other curious being who found her spun web. The Black Widow could give a want and just as quickly take it away, all the while her victim caught knowing what she had done.

Title: Wayfaring Stranger 


Summary: It’s been three years since Clint has seen Natasha. He’s been dismissed from S.H.I.E.L.D & the Avengers team. Discovering a certain redhead has been compromised during a suicide mission, he is needed when he is the most unstable. Lies, secrets, and love.

“Natasha!” he belted, passing confused civilians on the sidewalk.

He wasn’t a hero. Maybe he never was. A former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, an ex-assassin, and a washed up Avenger, Clint Barton, alias Hawkeye, was simply a mortal man with blood on his hands.

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