Fuck I had this all finished then tumblr mobile crashed holy fuck I want to punch a wall. Let’s try this again.

(Kennedy made me do it, take your beef with her)

Answer these:
Pancakes or Waffles?- waffles
What food would you eat for the rest of your life, if you could? - freeze dried strawberries holy Jesus
What’s your favorite holiday, and why? - Christmas because the Yuletide spirit is alive in us all.
Most embarrassing story you’re willing to share- Jesus Christ I was 8 and at camp and some girl was looking a me while I was changing an then told me I had balls when really it was just my labia but I didn’t know that so it stuck with me all of 3rd grade till I cried about it to my mom and she explained what balls and labias are and I was a changed kid.
Favorite pair of shoes? Teal vans
What’s your dream job? Getting paid to fuck celebrities.
Top 5 favorite bands: 1. Butterfly jones
2. Daft punk
3. Fun.
4. Panic! At the disco
5. The lonely island

What’s your night routine? Brush teeth, wash face, put comfy pajamas on, then scroll tumblr for at least 2 hours.
Was that question too personal? No
I’m sorry I suck at this and I h8 tags. It’s okay bb
What color shirt are you wearing rn? Black with a Decepticon logo

Answer these:

Favorite snack?
Favorite super hero?
How was last school year for you?
Describe your crush?
Favorite outfit to wear?
Willingness to cuddle with me (out of 10)?
Was that last question weird. Idc. It’s midnight.
Thoughts on abortion?
Which sailor moon character do you relate to the most?
Favorite anime, if any?
Favorite person ever.

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