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Obscured daguerreotype portrait of an actress only identified as Augusta wearing a costume, c. 1840′s/1850′s. By Mathew Brady.

Source: Library of Congress.

American dancer Harriet Hoctor, Photo by Maurice Goldberg, 1927.

In the 1920’s a woman with a cigarette was a woman with appeal.

Me, You, Us 6

Prompt: “I want to be clear: I do not like you, but I will make out with you.”

Hermione stared at Draco in shock, her glass frozen half-way on the way to her mouth.

“Look, I know that Weasley has dumped you for some stupid reason and you are trying to get smashed because of it while he has the fun of his life with his friends only a few tables away. And seriously, if I have to choose which of you feels miserable, I will always pick Weasley.”

Hermione put her glass down carefully. “And you want to make out with me because of that?”

Draco shrugged, trying to look as nonchalantly as he could muster. “You are not ugly. You are a bossy bitch, but definitely not ugly and I don’t have anything against you.”

The ‘anymore’ hung unsaid between them, but neither was willing to acknowledge it in that moment.

“What about your parents? They will get wind of it if Ronald reacts the way I expect him to.”

Draco downed his glass. “It’s not like I am going to propose to you on the spot, Granger. As long as I am not getting serious about anybody, they stay out of my business. My father will probably even say that it was a good political move, bonding with the war heroine and all that.”

“Let’s get it over with then,” Hermione said and Draco grinned.

“As you wish.”

He leaned forward, pressing his lips against hers reluctantly at first, but with more pressure and enthusiasm as soon as he felt her respond. He pulled her closer, an arm around her waist, the other getting tangled in the wild curls of hers.

Hermione relaxed into his touch, enjoying the feeling of his lips on hers. For two people kissing each other just to spite a third, they were having too much fun, if the bulge in Draco’s pants pressing against her stomach was any indication.

“What do you think you are doing?”

At Ron’s voice, Draco and Hermione pulled apart, but didn’t let go of each other.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Hermione asked coldly, staring daggers into Ron.

“But that’s-”

“Why do you care who I am kissing, Ronald?” Hermione let go of Draco, who was barely managing to hide his amusement, and crossed her arms over her chest. “You have no say in this matters anymore. Now if you could excuse us, I would like to continue what you have interrupted.”

Draco raised an eyebrow at that but followed Hermione outside nevertheless, leaving the stunned Ron behind.

“Were you serious-” Draco couldn’t even finish his sentence when Hermione kissed him again, this time a lot rougher.

He didn’t hesitate and returned the kiss, switching their place so she was pressed against the outside wall of the Leaky Cauldron.

“We should go somewhere else, unless you want your ex to catch us in the middle of it,” Draco said breathlessly, when he finally pulled away.

Hermione bit her lip, trying to hide her smile. “You are a better kisser than expected Malfoy. But I can’t.”

Draco’s face fell and he stepped back from her. “I understand.”

“That’s not it!” Hermione’s cheeks were blazing hot, and she had trouble looking at him, a mixture of amusement and embarrassment showing on her face. “It’s just that I am on my period.”

Draco groaned, running a hand over his face. “This is just great! I finally, finally get a shot with you and you are on your damn period! This has to be a joke!”

Hermione stared at him in confusion. “What are you talking about?”

“Do you really think I would snog somebody just to spite Weasley?”

At Hermione’s look, Draco groaned again. “Yes, you are right. I probably would. But I didn’t. Or at least not completely.”

Hermione had crossed her arms again, studying him. “What exactly are you trying to say, Malfoy?”

“That I fancy you, for Merlin’s sake, Granger! Do I have to spell it out for you?”

Hermione smirked, enjoying his distress. “What did you say about not liking me?”

Draco stopped and glared at her. “You are making fun of me!”

At Hermione’s shrug he ran a hand through his hair. “Fine. You have won. What now, Granger?”

“How about you ask me out properly, Malfoy? I will admit that I have never contemplated this before, but today was fun. And before you get any ideas – I really am on my period.”

Draco snorted. “You are evil, you know. But fine.” He dropped to his knee and took her hand, drawling in the most theatrical fashion he could muster. “Dearest Hermione, will you go out with me not just to spite your foolish ex but because I actually like you?”

Hermione covered her mouth with her free hand in an attempt to hide her laughter, failing at it miserably.

Draco stood up and watched her in amusement. “You know you didn’t give me an answer yet,” he drawled when she finally calmed down.

Hermione stepped towards him, a smile on her lips and whispered, “how about you ask me during dinner tomorrow?”. With that, she apparated away, leaving a gobsmacked Draco behind.

‘Always & Forever’ - Model: Karlie Kloss | Film Director: Nick Knight | Creative Director: Dasha Zhukova | Stylist: Charlotte Stockdale | Hair: Sam McKnight | Make-up: Val Garland | Manicurist: Marian Newman | Designer: Chris Sutton - Garage Magazine #6 Spring Summer 2014

* Live shoot - Day 1 / Day 2

Snow Queen lip detail. Wearing @Kryolan Aquacolor in 070 with @chaosmakeupartist white primer to make all the eyeshadows hyper shine. Eyeshadows (all over my face) are @Sugarpill CosmeticsLumi, Grand Tiara, Mochi, and Velocity. Wearing @Aromaleigh www.aromaleighcosmetics.comLaluna Lustre powder and @Kat Von D Beauty Ink Liner in Neruda. Lipstick is @prettyzombiecosmetics in Black Cat with @Lit Cosmetics in Undercover and Porcelain (also under eyes and on face). Septum is from @Regent Couture


Wonderful picnic day with the RSV at James Monroe’s Highland. Baked my very first pie (a savory one of potato, onion, and apple) for potluck purposes and played a very competitive game of shuttlecock