theatrical contacts

chichimonga  asked:

hello! i just saw you answer a question about color changing for dark eyes. In that response you linked to a site that catered to theatrical contacts for dark eyes. i was wondering if you had tips for the other side? I have a crazy light blue eye color and i have noticed that when i pick contacts the color gets faded or even changes because of my eye color. Do you think that the theatrical lense colors would work just as well on light eye colors?

The same website ( has lenses for light eyes, though I don’t know how well they work :) 

If you want a vibrant color you want to avoid “colour blending” lenses or printed lenses that have a lot of clear spaces between the colored dots. These look more natural, but because they blend with your natural eye colour you don’t get a huge colour change. Theatrical lenses are usually solid painted colour and so they show up really well.

Some examples:

 Theatrical lenses (pic from


External image
 regular color lenses, you can see the spaces where the regular eyecolour shows through. (pic from

The more solid the colour of the lens, the more vibrant it will be. 


For those of you who missed my black sclera video. :) The red sclera video is very popular, but the black has yet to be seen too many times. Share the creepy love. Haha!