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wombatscallywag said:
Wowzas! Your art and the MOVEMENT you potray with still images is amazing…I love all of your characters, but there are so many I’m very much at a loss as to who’s who and what’s what. Do you have a list or something of all these wonderful people?

Thanks for the kind words! I’d been holding off on posting a character list until I’d actually gotten the webcomic up and running, but I’ve been getting a few questions along these lines so I threw together a quick cast rundown under the cut. 

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Felicity Jones: What was your worst audition?

Jenny Slate: I think because my way in to where I am now.. Now I sort of feel like, I’m here. It feels good. The way in felt like very zig-zaggy. And for a while, I was auditioning for commercials, and I didn’t have a theatrical agent. I had to audition for a cleaning product … A toilet cleaning product, and they lined up all the girls, which, first of all, is like, you’re standing in a line of women…it sucks.  Immediately, I feel rage. They were like, “Ladies, so everybody has an invisible toilet seat. And the product is so good that you are going to lick the edge of the toilet seat because it’s so clean. But don’t take your eyes off the camera.

Felicity Jones: Oh my goodness. No way. That’s pretty demeaning.

Jenny Slate: Actually, for me, the most demeaning part is the eye contact. That is porny to me, and I don’t understand …I was like, I went to college. I don’t want to do this. I can’t.  And I left. I took myself out of the lineup, and I didn’t do the audition.

Actors on Actors: Felicity Jones interviews Jenny Slate. (x)

So I’m seeing a lot of misinformation around and I wanted to be annoying and clarify things because Dan (surprise surprise) got it wrong.  James Grant is a MANAGEMENT company.  Not an Agency.  Louis is stilled signed with CAA as his theatrical agents.  Actors (and tv personalities and musicians) usually have agents AND managers and Actor/Musicians can also have a theatrical management company AND one for their music careers.  Jared Leto, for example, as we all know is signed with Azoff for music but also is with Untitled Entertainment for on camera purposes.  

the least surprising thing is that louis would want to sign with a tv agent. i could see him doing that 100%. but that’s also something that was speculated on months back when the boys’ imdb pro profiles had been updated because i think there was something similar put up on louis’ and niall’s actually that indicated some kind of tv representation. 

it’s just like harry having a theatrical agent at CAA.