theatre: pippin

Ensemble! Ensemble!

carrying the banner, newsies || merry christmas maggie thatcher, billy elliot || when you’re an addams, the addams family || time warp, the rocky horror show || la vie boheme, rent || light, next to normal || do you hear the people sing, les misérables || skid row, little shop of horrors || aquarius, hair || candy store, heathers || once and for all, newsies || populism yea yea, bloody bloody andrew jackson || holiday, american idiot || one more angel in heaven, joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat || song of purple summer, spring awakening || 96,000, in the heights || magic to do || pippin || cell block tango, chicago || oh the things you can think, seussical: the musical || our family tree, catch me if you can || brotherhood of man, how to succeed in business without really trying || spooky mormon hell dream, book of mormon || tradition, the fiddler on the roof || solidarity, billy elliot

The Signs As Musicals (based on important dates)

Aries - Book of Mormon

Taurus - Gypsy

Gemini - Les Miserables

Cancer - Hamilton

Leo - Evita

Virgo - Heathers: The Musical

Libra - Little Shop of Horrors

Scorpio - Pippin

Sagittarius - RENT

Capricorn - Phantom of the Opera

Aquarius - Miss Saigon

Pisces - Billy Elliot

“But I know there are many of you out there; extraordinary people! Exceptional people who would gladly trade your ordinary lives for the opportunity to do one perfect act - our grand finale! Now, if you should decide to do so, we’ll be there for you, waiting anytime you want us. Why, we’re right inside your heads, and we promise you sets, costumes, lights, magic, and a short, but spectacular, career!”

Day 273: Leading Player (Pippin)

Theatre Kid Problems
  • Me: who am I anywayyyy? am I my résumé?!
  • Me: it's just life, so keep dancing through
  • Me: morning glowwwwwww is heeeeeeere at laaaast
  • Me: far from skid rowwwww, I dream we'll go
  • Me: someone to waaAAAAAAAAtch over meeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Me: I will sing the song of purple summer
  • Me: we neeeeeed some light
  • Me: you can't stop the beat
  • Me: this I swear by the STARS
  • Me: I know it's todayyyy oooooooh
  • Me: goodbyyyyye until tomOOOOOOOOrow
  • Everyone: stop

who run the stage? (girls) >> in honour of international womens day, a sample of the incredible talents of the women (and girls!) of musical theatre [listen]

omigod you guys from legally blonde - laura bell bundy and ensemble // i’m here from the color purple - lachanze // everything i know from in the heights - mandy gonzalez // and i am telling you i’m not going from dreamgirls - jennifer holliday // seventeen (reprise) from heathers - barret wilbert weed, alice lee, katie ladner and elle mclemore // with you from ghost - caissie levy // fly, fly away from catch me if you can - kerry butler // not for the life of me/nyc/astonishing - sutton foster // safer from first date - krysta rodriguez // love while you can from if/then - idina menzel, lachanze and jenn colella // ring of keys from fun home - sydney lucas // the wizard and i from wicked - ashleigh gray // simple joys from pippin - patina miller // easy as life from aida - heather headley //  i’d give my life for you from miss saigon - lea salonga // take me or leave me from rent - idina menzel and fredi walker // pretty funny from dogfight - lindsay mendez // sal tlay ka siti from the book of mormon - nikki m james // all grown up from bare - jenna leigh green // born to entertain/don’t rain on my parade - laura osnes // no day but today - idina menzel // i know it’s today from shrek - leah greenhaus, marissa o'donnell and sutton foster // i’m a star - eden espinosa // mama who bore me (reprise) from spring awakening - lea michele, lilli cooper, lauren pritchard, remy zaken and phoebe strole // the hill from once - cristi milioti // never neverland (fly away) - stephanie j block // as long as he needs me from oliver - jodie prenger //  watch what happens from newsies - kara lindsay // on my own from les miserables - samantha barks // out tonight from rent - daphne rubin-vega // i can do better than that from the last five years - betsy wolfe // quiet from matilda - adrianna bertola // the music and the mirror from a chorus line - charlotte d'amboise // i’m not afraid of anything from songs for a new world - andrea burns // defying gravity from wicked - willemijn verkaik // dear mr president - natalie weiss // on the steps of the palace from into the woods - anna kendrick // maybe (next to normal) from next to normal - alice ripley and jennifer damiano // the graveyard from jane eyre - marla schaffel and lisa musser // we’re not done from bring it on - taylor louderman and adrienne warren // dyin’ ain’t so bad from bonnie and clyde - laura osnes // it’s the hard knock life from annie - lilla crawford and ensemble // there’s a fine, fine line from avenue q - stephanie d'abruzzo // a new life from jekyll and hyde - linda eder // get out and stay out from 9 to 5 - stephanie j block } 

I’m asking for an answer. I have a question, and I want her to supply me with an answer. Now, if it’s the wrong answer? I don’t punish her. I say “Good try! But let’s try for a different answer!”. We repeat that until we get the answer I was looking for.
If I punish her for answering with the “wrong” answer… I’m going to stop getting answers, and that’s the worst thing that can happen in an equine/rider partnership.
No answer is dangerous.
—  Me, when asked about why i don’t react to receiving a different reaction from my horse than I was asking for.
Pippin: Prince of the Halflings

(A response to this post, if interested.)

So, when Pippin arrives in Minas Tirith with Gandalf, both Denethor and Beregond make some sort of comment about the strangeness of hobbit-speech. They don’t really specify what about Pippin’s speech is so strange, just vaguely referring to accent. And that could just have been a regular comment on whatever regional accent the hobbits probably had compared to the men of Gondor. But in Appendix F Tolkien comments on the issue, saying:

The Westron tongue made in the pronouns of the second person (and often also in those of the third) a distinction, independent of number, between ‘familiar’ and 'deferential’ forms. It was, however, one of the peculiarities of Shire-usage that the deferential forms had gone out of colloquial use. They lingered only among the villagers, especially of the West-farthing, who used them as endearments. This was one of the things referred to when people of Gondor spoke of the strangeness of Hobbit-speech. Peregrin Took, for instance, in his first few days in Minas Tirith used the familiar forms to people of all ranks, including the Lord Denethor himself. This may have amused the aged Steward, but it must have astonished his servants.

Since this pronoun use doesn’t really translate into English (does anyone who’s read the books in another language know if they reflected this?), the whole issue would go unnoticed by readers unless they read Appendix F. Which is a pity, since it has a sort of humorous result. After being in Minas Tirith for a while, Pippin notices that he’s getting a lot of attention from the people of the city. In fact, Tolkien tell us:

People stared much as he passed. To his face men were gravely courteous, saluting him after the manner of Gondor with bowed head and hands upon the breast; but behind him he heard many calls, as those out of doors cried to others within to come and see the Prince of the Halflings, the companion of Mithrandir. Many used some other tongue than the Common Speech, but it was not long before he learned at least what was meant by Ernil i Pheriannath and knew that his title had gone down before him into the City.

Now, if you didn’t know about the grammar issue, you’d think that people were just making this assumption because Pippin arrived with Gandalf. But Tolkien fully explains the joke in the appendix, saying “No doubt this free use of the familiar forms helped to spread the popular rumor that Peregrin was a person of very high rank in his own country.”

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