• me: *on the train, jamming out, dancing in place*
  • other train takers' thoughts, maybe: i wonder what fresh new beats that teen is listening to
  • my earbuds: I WAS MEANT TO BE YOURS WE WERE MEANT TO BE ONE I CAN'T TAKE IT ALONE FINISH WHAT WE'VE BEGUN YOU WERE MEANT TO BE MINE I AM ALL THAT YOU NEED YOU CUT OPEN MY HEART THEN JUST LEAVE ME TO BLEED Veronica! open the, open the door please, Veronica! open the door. Veronica! can we not fight any more please? can we not fight anymore? Veronica! aaaaSure you're scared ive been there, i can set you free! aaaahhhhhhVeronica! dont make me come in there IM GONNA COUNT TO THREE !!!!
Summer Stock: The Musical

Act One:

Song 1: My New Home

Song 2: This Place is Amazing: Holy Crap it’s a Mess

Song 3: About to Begin

Song 4: Tech Week

Song 5: Coffee, My Only Friend

Song 6: Fuck

Song 7: The Afterparty

Song 8: No One Can Shit Talk Like Technicians


Song 9: I Know Their Lines Better Than They Do

Song 10: Off-script

Song 11: Is This Kidney Failure (The Afterparty Reprise)

Song 12: I Just Went There (No One Can Shit Talk Like Technicians Reprise)

Song 13: Just Patch It, It’s Almost Over

Song 14: Act Like a Newsie, Strike!

Song 15: Holy Crap it’s a Mess Reprise

Song 16: My Life Back in a Box

Song 17: One Last Party for the Road

heathers summarized
  • beautiful: we're all ugly but we have potential !!
  • candy store: don't be a fucking loser and bully ppl w/ us
  • fight for me: ur even hotter if you'll punch someone !
  • freeze your brain: don't kill yourself, chill yourself
  • big fun: let's get drunk and say big fun repeatedly!!
  • dead girl walking: well I'm screwed let's have sex
  • the me inside of me: well fuck darn it we killed the bitch
  • our love is god: they make you cry, I make them die
  • my dead gay son: gay dads ftw
  • seventeen: cause committing homicide isn't what normal teenagers do
  • shine a light: what the actual fuck mrs.fleming oUR CHILDREN ARE DYING
  • lifeboat: all her rides to school are dead
  • shine a light (reprise): the moment when you wanna slap Heather Duke
  • kindergarten boyfriend: MARTHA IS TOO GOOD, TOO PURE FOR THIS WORLD
  • yo girl: well fuck
  • meant to be yours: too bad you didn't wanna commit mass homicide w/ me I lo- oh shit you killed yourself
  • dead girl walking (reprise): JD ur fucking nUTS
  • I am damaged: well I'm pretty fucked up but you're still good I'll just die peace out
  • seventeen (reprise): my boyfriend just blew up but it's all good