Today I fucked going to see a movie

So there I was, having a fine evening with my boyfriend at the movies watching “Aloha” starting Bradley Cooper in a theatre in my hometown. The theatre was one of the smaller ones with roughly 70 people in their, most being couples.
While half way in the movie I casually pull my legs up in the chair to become more comfortable. (Back story: these 40 year old women, about 3 of them, had already been quite annoying the entire movie seeming very rambunctious despite their age)
Anyway, the entire theatre sees the shadow of this giant flying creature on the screen and it starts swooping over the crowd like a vicious spirit. Mind you, this unnamed creature was so large that the random man beside me said “It’s a humming bird”. Boy was he wrong.
So, when the crowd settled down and everyone felt safe, terror struck. I see this giant bug fly over my head and land straight on my leg: mother fUCKING ROACH. I immediately start slapping my skin like no body’s business and then the roach ATTACHES TO MY HAND. This roach attacked me like God was punishing me for all the sins I had committed. At this point I start standing up and the entire theatre is staring at me and also knowing exactly what attacked me. As soon as my boyfriend stands up to face the beast, the 40 year old women start screaming and yelling while jumping around in terror. The roach weasels it’s way onto the stairs and my boyfriend looks like he’s having a stomping contest with these women. This random guy beside my boyfriend is coaching him along the way “Get him son! Yeah right there!!”
My boyfriend kills it. The beast is dead. My soul re enters my body. The battle is won. I reassure the theatre after a guy shouts if it’s dead. “Ladies and gentlemen the roach attacked me and my boyfriend slayed the beast. Please enjoy your movie.” We sat back down and enjoyed the rest of our movie. Meanwhile, I am traumatized for the rest of my life.

Currently starring in a limited 12-week run as Hedwig, Darren Criss makes his triumphant return to Broadway, rocking the Belasco Theatre and silencing his critics. As the youngest Hedwig to date, in the lead up to his run many feared that Criss’ performance may have had something missing that was found in the previous Hedwigs. However, this could not have been further from the truth.

The mixed format of the show is the perfect vehicle for Criss with the character playing to his many strengths, providing the audience with a no holds barred concert experience while at the same time taking us on this tragic journey of self destruction/discovery that Hedwig undergoes. It is Criss’ very youthful energy and sense of wonder, especially early on in the piece that captivates the audience and, in a way, makes her tale even more heartbreaking as we see its loss. As Hedwig tells her sorry tale over the course of 90 minutes, Criss constantly smashes through the fourth wall showing his intelligence, sass, and ability to take an audience along with him wherever he chooses to go. Criss’ Hedwig commands the stage from the minute she descends to the floor and she is simply mesmerising to watch.

… Having settled into the role over the past month, Criss’ Hedwig is getting feistier, more daring, and more interactive producing an exciting, edgy performance that is both powerful to watch, yet all the more tragic. If audience participation is not your cup of tea, however, then steer clear of the first ten or so rows in the orchestra as seated there, you really are fair game for Hedwig’s antics.

From the first moment I saw Rebecca Naomi Jones’ Yitzhak on stage I knew I was going to love her. … With a big, powerful voice (when Hedwig allows Yitzhak to be heard) and enormous strength in his stillness, your eyes are constantly torn between Jones’ calm and Criss’ frenzy.

The chemistry between Criss and Jones is a joy to watch. Both love to goad and play with the other, recruiting the audience onto their side with whatever means at their disposal. Vocally, they sound amazing together, making me wish that we could get a cast album starring the pair, however much I love Neil Patrick Harris and Lena Hall in the roles.

… Extravagant, lush, and vibrant, dolled out in her finest, Criss is non-existent on stage for the majority of the piece, it is just Hedwig.

tbh a lot of the fun home fans are hella rude/condescending towards other musicals and their fans. Is it a groundbreaking musical? Yes. Is it good to see representation in media? Definitely. Does that mean I’m obliged to like it more than Something Rotten! or An American in Paris? Hell no. I’ve seen some really rude things comparing SR to trash or pointing out a particular line regarding a ‘penis and a genius’ somehow symbolizing the entire show, but it’s simply not true. SR! is a hilarious, crowd-pleasing piece of theatre made by two men who’ve never written a musical before (Even as a member of the lgbt community, if it came down to it I’d rather see SR) and it deserves just as many tony noms as Fun Home or any other nominated musical.

Help us save a historical institution! 

Trinidad Theatre Workshop is trying to raise $300,000 USD to buy our current location. We are a small non-profit theatre company based in Trinidad & Tobago, devoted to telling stories of the Caribbean diaspora and developing local talent through education, community outreach and producing high quality theatre. 

We need your help to buy our building so we can have a permanent home and can continue doing our work! We are the longest running theatre company in the Caribbean and one of the few theatre companies offering instruction in the arts, particularly for those in poor black and brown communities, as well as directly within local schools.

If we lose our building, we risk losing a 56-year long cultural institution and a historic theatre company upon which the contemporary Caribbean theatre scene has been built. There are so few theatre companies run by people of color, for people of color to tell their stories, and it would be a tragedy if we lost that now. 

We only have 60 days but I know we can do it! Tumblr community please help TTW continue the journey to owning a real home!