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Books for Sound Designers

 A comprehensive list of useful sound design and audio engineering texts

Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook

Master Handbook of Acoustics - Fifth Edition

Mixing a Musical - Shannon Slaton

Sound and Music for the Theatre - Deena Kaye, James LeBrecht

Show Networks and Control Systems - John Huntington

Sound Systems: Design and Operation - Bob McCarthy

Sound Reproduction - Loudspeakers and Rooms

Room Acoustics - Fifth Edition

Fundamentals of Acoustics - Fourth Edition

Audio Engineering: Know it All

Feel free to add more texts and/or provide links to PDF’s of the texts above if you have them! Lets help young designers and technicians like me get access to the education they want

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PeeWee & Mini Group Results

 PeeWee Group

5th: Proud Mary (CSPAS)

4th: Move (CSPAS)

3rd: The Fall (Larkin Dance Studio)

2nd: Silent Night (Club Dance)

1st: Swept Ashore (Larkin Dance Studio)

PeeWee Line

5th: Halloween (Danceology)

4th: Old School (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: If I Could (Modern Conceptions of Dance), Disco Fever (Modern Conceptions of Dance)

2nd: Lullaby (Club Dance)

1st: Hanami (The Rock Center for Dance)

PeeWee Extended Line

4th: Tarzan (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: Hard Knock Life (Club Dance)

2nd: Big Bad Wolf (Larkin Dance Studio)

1st: This Is What You Came For (CSPAS)

PeeWee Production

1st: Cookin’ With Grease (Club Dance)

Mini Group

5th: Can You Do This? (Project 21), Don’t Worry About Me (Club Dance)

4th: Til Morrow (Club Dance)

3rd: Open Road (Larkin Dance Studio)

2nd: Shadow Journal (The Rock Center for Dance)

1st: Smoke and Mirrors (CSPAS), Come To Me (CSPAS)

Mini Line

5th: We Run This (Club Dance), No More Fear (Club Dance)

4th: Wanting (Club Dance)

3rd: Lost It All (CSPAS)

2nd: Lady Marmalade (CSPAS)

1st: Dance Like Your Daddy (Project 21)

Mini Extended Line

5th: Undertow (Danceology)

4th: Smooth Criminal (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: Make Haste Precipitate (The Rock Center for Dance), Ninjaz (Creative Arts Academy)

2nd: Capture the Flag (Creative Arts Academy)

1st: We So Meek (Club Dance)

Adjudications below the cut!

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CABARET Emma Stone + Alan Cumming Master Post

Everything I’ve been able to find of the 2014 Cabaret revival featuring Emma Stone as Sally Bowles and Alan Cumming as the Emcee. Please reblog with your own links if you find new or better versions!

Wilkommen audio // video
Don’t Tell Mama audio // partial video // partial video // partial video
Mein Herr audio 
Perfectly Marvelous audio // partial video
Maybe This Time audio // partial video // partial video // video
Money audio
Cabaret audio // video 

Obscured daguerreotype portrait of an actress only identified as Augusta wearing a costume, c. 1840′s/1850′s. By Mathew Brady.

Source: Library of Congress.


When You’re Good to Mama, Kaeli Ware
Senior Musical Theatre Solo
Molly Long Choreo