theatre people are awesome people

I have a work study job next year!

I mean, I still have to fill out this year’s FAFSA so I can get it all ~officially~ set up, but I have been told in so many words that I will be working for the theatre department next year :D

I will be working with the props crew, which I think I will enjoy because I’m such an arts and crafts person and I like tackling creative problems like “how can I make a fake _________ on a low budget and in a small amount of time,” lol.

The part that makes me feel really good, though, is the fact that I basically got asked to do it. It went sort of like this - “when are you going to get involved with productions?” / “well, I’m not sure since I’m not a major…” / “If you were involved, what crew would you want to be on? / "Oh… props or costumes, I guess.” / “I would love to have you on the props crew. What if it were a work study position? Ask so-and-so if it can be.” / “Okay!” And then I asked the person in charge of the work study positions if I could have a work study job making props and he said “Fill out your FAFSA. You will work for the department. Go Girl.”

Of course, this still leaves me unemployed now/over the summer, but I shall keep applying at various retail establishments that I frequent, lol.