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The Signs as Musical Film Protagonists

Aries: Bernardo (West Side Story)

Taurus: Phantom Of The Opera

Gemini: Christian (Moulin Rouge!)

Cancer: Seymour (Little Shop Of Horrors)

Leo: Maureen (Rent)

Virgo: Kathy Selden (Singing In The Rain)

Libra: Mia (La La Land)

Scorpio: Frank N Furter (The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Sagittarius: Roxie Hart (Chicago)

Capricorn: Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street)

Aquarius: Wade Walker (Cry-Baby)

Pisces: Sandy Olson (Grease)

For those who want a good cry:

DWSA: Closing Week Periscopes (In Order) [X]

ID #80538

Name: Ary
Age: 13
Country: USA

Hello there you beautiful person reading this <3(cheesy I know :p).
I am Ary, It’s a nickname, I’ll give you my real name once we start talking, I promise. I’m just a pansexual girl who loves art, writing, drama/theater, music (P!ATD, TOP, MCR, Melanie Martinez, Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, Troye Sivan, etc.), and basically anything that evolves creativity ! TV shows I like: Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Family Guy, Southpark, Law & Order. YouTubers: Liza Koshy, Dan and Phil, David Dorbik, Shane Dawson, Jenna Marbles. Movies: Mean Girls, The Outsiders, If I Stay, Hunger Games, Suicide Squad (I love Harley Quinn so much, even before the movie), Fifty Shades of Gr-Nah just kinding :pp
But I am open to a lot of other things/people ! Another thing is that I would looove to travel a lot, though due to money issues I can’t :( but that’s okay !
I’m very outgoing, funny, dark (sometimes), sarcastic, fun, hyper, loud, can be shy (surprisingly), and much more !

I want a penpal who shares some interests of mine but doesn’t have to share all of them, and I want someone who doesn’t leave after the first day. I need some internet friends who I can Skype with all day and night, who I can talk to when I’m bored or when I need to be cheered up, someone who can make me laugh a whole bunch, someone I can talk to constantly without them leaving mid-conversation, and someone who I may eventually meet in real life :))

So yeah ! (sorry if that was too long) HMU if you want to become friends with a hyper, weird, positive, cheerful girl like me (:

Preferences: Ages: 12-19, preferably
Boy or girl would be fine, boys would be nice ‘cause I don’t have many guy friends but I can talk to girls too !!
Sexual orientation, religion, location, etc. doesn’t really matter to me. Just be a kind and fun person who loves to talk and we’ll get along just fine :D


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