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Musical Theatre Live Blogging

Here’s the current list of musicals for me to live blog (as of March 26, 2017) - requesting a musical more will help move it up the list. This is the current order:

  1. Hamilton (Hamilton Chicago)
  2. Something Rotten
  3. Urinetown
  4. Bonnie and Clyde
  5. Bare a Pop Musical
  6. Bring it On
  7. 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

I’ve also really wanted to watch Miss Saigon recently, so I may fit that in soon (perhaps after hamilton).

If you wish to request a musical, drop it in my ask - As the moderator, I DO have the choice to not live blog a musical if I choose to. So if you send a request in that doesn’t make the list, this is why. I’m sorry if I don’t add your request - That being said, I do encourage anyone to live blog a musical that I do or don’t get to!

If you’d like to look into my other live blogs, search my tumblr for these tags:

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ultimate q&a for theatre kids

send me a number and I’ll answer the corresponding question!

1. what’s your favorite musical?

2. favorite character in your favorite musical?

3. what’s your favorite play?

4. favorite character in your favorite play?

5. what’s your dream role?

6. what’s a role you’d like to play that you’d never be able to?

7. do you prefer being behind the scenes or in the spotlight?

8. do you like hamilton?

9. have you seen hamilton?

10. how do you feel about hyped up shows like hamilton, les mis, and rent?

11. did you like this year’s tony awards?

12. what award should there be that isn’t?

13. what shows have you been in/helped with?

14. have you ever been paid to act onstage or on camera?

15. do you prefer broadway or west end shows?

16. favorite stage actress?

17. favorite stage actor?

18. favorite show currently or recently running?

19. what’s your dream #ham4ham (even if you don’t like hamilton)?

20. who should host the tony’s next year?

21. do you watch broadwaycom backstage vlogs?

22. what’s your opinion on movies turned into musicals?

23. do you prefer musical movies or live musicals?

24. do you have an opinion on american psycho?

25. what movie would you want to be turned into a musical?

26. what role would you like to see your favorite actor play?

27. do you prefer musicals, plays, or operas?

28. dramatic plays or comedies?

29. andrew lloyd webber or stephen sondheim?

30. neil patrick harris or james corden?

31. did james corden do a good job hosting the tony’s (in your opinion)?

32. create a show mash-up and explain the plot (ex: legally todd = sweeney todd + legally blonde)

33. what song always makes you cry?

34. how do you feel about musicals using other artists’ music?

35. what celebrity would you like to see on broadway next?

36. favorite show you’ve been in?

37. would you like to act professionally?

38. television or stage acting?

39. what disney movie should be a musical that isn’t?

40. if you could see one show on broadway or west end, what would it be?

41. what musical should be revived next?

42. are musical sequels okay?

43. what musical sequel would you like there to be that isn’t?

44. have you ever had a crush on a character from a show?

45. how do you feel about musicals being done live on tv now?

46. did you like grease live?

47. are you excited for hairspray live?

48. what show do you desperately want your school/community to do?

49. are you a stronger singer or dancer?

50. would you rather design the set, direct the show, or help with effects?

you can add to the list if you’d like :)


Love this teaser-trailer for the National Theatre’s production of Twelfth Night!