theatre kid problems

Me in the shower
  • Me: One more day all on my own
  • Me: This diva needs her stage baby let's have fun
  • Me: Think of me think of me fondly when we've said gooooooodbye
  • Me: So if you'll care to find me look to the Western Sky
  • Me: I like to be in America
  • Me: And all that jaaaaazz
  • Me: Heaven isn't too far away more than wooords
  • Me: If I win the lottery you'll never see me again
  • Me: Nobody don't nobody is gonna rain on my paraaaaade
  • Family: please stop
Social Media According to a Theatre Kid

Facebook: Where I post about Broadway and nobody but me cares.

Twitter: Where I talk to Broadway stars and sometimes they talk to me back and I cry.

Tumblr: Where cry and discuss all Broaway things with strangers on the internet and they cry with me.

Youtube: Where I watch vidoes of said Broadway stars and cry some MORE.

When I tell people I'm into Musical Theatre
  • Person: "So, you wanna be a movie star?"
  • Person: "Ugh. I hate musicals. Too much singing."
  • Person: "Do you like Hairspray? God, that movie is so racist!"
  • Person: "Can you sing? Like, right now?"
  • Person: "All you have on your iPod are a bunch of showtunes..."
  • Person: "Oh my gosh! So you're like Ryan from High School Musical!"