theatre illuminata series

Promise me something?’
Nothing she liked better than a challenge. 'Promise me pie.’
Nate’s mouth twitched. 'As much as ye can eat an’ yer pockets can hold.’
'Promise me you won’t let Mrs. Edith put me in a corset again.’
Eyes widening a bit at the idea, he nodded anyway. "Though there’s no chance o’ hemmin’ ye in, even wi’ fabric an’ cords, I’ll give ye my word on that as well.’
Bertie took the deepest of breaths before issuing the last and more important of the three demands. 'Promise you’ll stay with me as long as you want to, but not a moment longer.’
His hand slid into hers, and he raised them as one to his heart. 'Ah, now, lass, there ye’ve done yerself a mischief.’
'I have?’ Her pulse thudded twice in quick succession.
'Aye. Now yer stuck wi’ me forever, an’ perhaps even a but longer than that.’ Nate made her a gallant bow. "Beyond all dates, even t’ eternity’
—  Bertie and Nate So Silver Bright by Lisa Mantchev

robinstinsonjrarchive-blog  asked:

I saw your comments on So Silver Bright in the So Silver Bright tracked tag, and I too have just finished the book, entrapping me in such a fucking glass case of emotion. I am floundering. Dying. I'm dying. ;___; I just want to explode and cry or something. IT BROKE MY HEART.

Welcome to my LIFEEEEE. I was seriously a basket case after I read it. We need a collective bucket of creys.Then we need to write an extensive, over-dramatized fanfiction about you-know-who.