theatre folk

can we just acknowledge that superheroines who wear tight cowls have hair under there?


the only way to get a perfectly smooth line is to do like theatre folk: put your hair in tight pin curls and wear a wig cap over it

I want to see Catwoman or Harley Quinn pulling their cowls off to reveal…the crotch from a pair of pantyhose, stretched tight over circles of hair pinned flat all over their heads. which when taken down (laboriously, with much swearing as they try to find all the bobby pins) look like a 1980s puffy nightmare

none of this “cowl comes off and perfect silky hair cascades down like in a shampoo commercial”

Folks, it’s not talent.  

  • It’s years and years of training in multiple fields.
  • It’s the dance classes that made us sweat.
  • It’s the voice lessons that made us cry.
  • It’s the tech rehearsals that exhausted us.
  • It’s rejection after rejection after rejection.
  • It’s hours and hours on that stage, always striving for the best.
  • It’s endless passion.  
  • It’s taking harsh criticism, struggling to not take it personally, and using it to fuel your progress.
  • It’s not letting somebody’s judgment of you slow your stride.
  • It’s questioning whether you’re good enough constantly.
  • It’s never ever giving up on yourself.  
  • It’s constantly wondering if this is the right career.
  • It’s feeling like we’re not making progress, but still striving every day to be better.
  • It’s facing every obstacle head on, no matter how daunting, and fighting to clear every hurdle.
  • It’s being told by almost everybody you know that your career path is not a viable option.
  • It’s dealing with endless stereotypes that you can never seem to fight off.
  • It’s committing to following your dream, no matter what that path may bring.
  • It’s staying curious, and always seeking to learn more, no matter where we are in our training.

So no, talent doesn’t get us where we are.  Don’t discount your hard work.   Don’t discount how much you’ve devoted to your craft.

let’s dance to joy division and celebrate the irony // listen

Diane Young - Vampire Weekend // West Coast - Coconut Records // Dreaming - Smallpools // You Only Live Once - The Strokes // Breaking Up My Bones - Vinyl Theatre // Young Folks - Peter, Bjorn and John // Time To Pretend - MGMT // Teddy Picker - Arctic Monkeys // Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs // Kids - MGMT // A-Punk  - Vampire Weekend // Machu Picchu - The Strokes // Take A Walk - Passion Pit // Midnight City - M83 // Give Me To The Waves - General Ghost // Flashed Junk Mind - Milky Chance // Let’s Dance To Joy Division - The Wombats


February 20th 1877: Swan Lake debut

On this day in 1877, by the old-style calendar, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake had its debut at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Tchaikovsky, already a noted composer, was commissioned to compose the ballet by Vladimir Petrovich Begichev, the intendant of the Russian Imperial Theatres. Borrowing from Russian folk tales, Tchaikovsky wrote the ballet in 1875-6, telling the story of princess Odette as she is transformed into a swan by an evil sorceror. The original show - then called The Lake of the Swans - was performed by the famous Bolshoi Ballet, and was choreographed by Julius Reisinger. This first performance was not well received, with its score and choreography criticised as too complex, and Tchaikovsky never saw his ballet achieve the iconic status it now enjoys. Only after the composer’s death in 1893 was Swan Lake eventually revived, with a new version of the music produced by Tchaikovsky‘s brother and others, along with new choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov. The 1895 version of Swan Lake was a success, and subsequent productions owe more stylistically to this version than the initial 1877 performance. Swan Lake is one of Tchaikovsky’s most famous compositions - alongside other iconic pieces like The Nutcracker and the 1812 Overture - and remains one of the world’s favourite ballets.

U know what’s something I really hate? When musical theatre folks bash opera saying that it’s just “old stuff for rich white people” and then proceed on making fun of operatic singers (e.g. Carlotta in Phantom), as if opera wasn’t literally the very genre from which musical theatre originated and developed into what it is today.
Opera is not a joke or a dead and past thing, it’s actually pretty much alive and kicking and gaining followers each day, and it deserves visibility and respect in the media as much as musical theatre does

Listen I know a lot of young people (high school and college) follow me so this is mostly for you guys but all the rest of yall should take note too.

Please please please love yourself and your future and get yourself a Mint account or some other kind of money management tool. I don’t care whether you got $20 to your name or $20,000. Track your spending! Put yourself on a budget! Save for the future! I got real paid in college because I hustled and worked 2-3 jobs that I didn’t ”need” to pay for rent and tuition and stuff and I pissed it all away and now that I’m out of college and broke I’m SO mad at myself for not realizing how much I was spending on frivolous stuff when I could have been and should have been saving towards a (better, less-broken) car or as an emergency fund.

That is the other thing! Emergency funds! If you have means, please start saving for one. Conventional wisdom is 3 months of expenses. NOT income. EXPENSES: groceries, gas, rent, utilities, etc. So if the bottom falls out you have time aka money to get back on your feet. Don’t touch that money for concert tickets and new clothes and shit you see on the internet! Emergency funds are for emergencies!

Capitalism sucks I won’t disagree on that point. But right now society says money buys you time and security as well and that stuff is important too.

I would be doing a lot better in life if I had realized how much money I was spending and tried to save some of it and break myself of frivolous spending habits. Learn from my mistakes.

<3 <3 <3 Katie