theatre dream roles

Me and my unrealistic dream theatre roles

Wicked: Elphaba

Heathers: Veronica Sawyer

Hamilton: Eliza

Rent: Maureen 

Into the Woods: The Witch

The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Helena Landless

The Lion King: Nala 

Anything Goes: Reno Sweeney 

Little Shop of Horrors: Audrey

Aladdin: Jasmine or Genie

The Little Mermaid: Ursula or Ariel Anastasia: Anastasia

probably a lot more that I’m forgetting, all of these are highly unlikely to ever happen, but hey, a girl can dream XD



No seriously you guys, this is me. Veronica is my dream role and I’m thrilled that I got to play her even for three minutes. The beginning of the video (our performance included the scene before the song) got cut off, but most of it is here! I thought you guys might be able to appreciate it <3

Dreams really DO come true.

We got our second round of scenes for Intermediate Acting and that is the American Realism unit, meaning Tennessee Williams is one of the playwrights, and Tennessee Williams wrote “The Glass Menagerie,” aka my favorite play/one of my Special Interests, and the play my dream role, Laura Wingfield, a character I’m almost certain is autistic, is from.

I don’t know if any of you are religious or spiritual, but because of this, I KNOW God must exist. In case it’s not apparent, for this round of scenes, I will be playing Laura Wingfield in a scene from “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams.

-Dreamy and Ecstatic Luna

Zodiac Signs As I Know Them

Aries: Tall, obnoxiously loud, always having a new girlfriend/boyfriend, calls you a “little bitch” because you broke up, bright, not too emotionally smart, makes bad decisions, stubborn, great smile, Slytherin/Gryffindor.

Taurus: Dad jokes, explains what Ariana Grande’s song lyrics are about to me (specifically “Side to Side”), happy, frugal, cheap eats guides are their best friends, loves K-Pop, sunshiny, cute, hyper, don’t let them drink caffeine, duck tales, dickies and docs, Slytherin/Ravenclaw.

Gemini: The sweetest bean to exist, friendly, has a tendency to shut themselves off when they’re sad, little drummer boy (Buddy Rich is an icon), loving friends, they give the best hugs on the planet, loves YTPs (specifically for Les Mis), puns galore and doesn’t feel they deserve to get a high five afterwards, makes amazing sugar cookies with peppermint, close to his mother and father, porkpie hats and scarves, Hufflepuff/Slytherin.

Cancer: Tumblr trash, glitter, copic markers, amateur artist, really likes Tim Burton and Jhonen Vasquez’s work and will become jealous when you bring up the fact that both of them are Virgos, watercolours, black mesh and anime buns, hot chocolate, tea, irrational hate of coffee, instagram stories, cute laughs, good times, swimming at their birthday parties, dark horse comics, INTJ, modern dance, doesn’t want to be mistaken for their twin but understands, writing poetry in a cafe during winter break, sweet bean, Slytherin/Ravenclaw.

Leo: Puns, walks into class during a test yelling “It’s ya boiii!” then walks to his seat in shame, works at Trader Joe’s part time, media tastes very frequently, nerdy memelord, Dungeons and Dragons, looks immensely more attractive with bangs than without, gives the literal best advice, makes good food, believes that “no mistakes should be regretted, they are only lessons to be learned from”, total Hufflepuff, went to Catholic school and came out Atheist.

Virgo: Has the best cheekbones, identifies as a Capricorn because it’s their dominant sign in their chart, hogwarts scarves, a legume with extra leg, kissing your crush at 1 am, likes makeup a lot, does full IB, choir kid, theatre kid, legitimate goals, everyone wants to be them, stressed out, great hugs, they might seem intimidating at first but once you know them they’re a huge freaking nerd, shows you memes on tumblr, wants to read the whole book of Les Misérables, so talented and the best friend you could ever ask for, Slytherin/Ravenclaw.

Libra: Super gay, sunflowers, flower crowns, blue hair that’s shaved underneath, naturally curly, low-key meme trash, the most adorable little ace, please go out with me, best friend ever, the kindest bean, self doubts, is an amazing person, worries a lot about what others think, crushes on people and doesn’t know why, eating cookies, loves sweets, flannels, can’t pull off snap backs to save their life, Hufflepuff by nature, INFP “The Dreamer”, has a vocal coach, does Speech and Debate, just wants someone to love (but not just anyone), an adorable collection of paradoxes, panic at the disco and the rest of the holy emo trinity, still identifies as an Emo kid.

Scorpio: Severe, pointed nails, all black wardrobe all day everyday for the past 3 years, combat boots, Victorian jewellery, copper coloured hair, perfect catholic school girl cursive handwriting, ran away from home at 17 and didn’t look back, Tom Waits, country folk music, but loves “her raps”, Slytherin af, can’t play any instruments but is an amazing singer, family music nights, sex jokes about your stepdad at the dinner table, makes the best lasagna known to man, disassociating.

Sagittarius: Best Friend from years ago, I’ve known them as long as I can remember, truly a great friend, Lou Reed and John Lennon, is still friends with the same people he went to elementary school with, squad goals, getting high and sitting in the middle of the road listening to The Beatles, staying up till one buying fur coats off amazon and chugging caffeine while listening to music from the seventies, not huge on Kendrick Lamar till you show him “King Kunta”, got legitimately voted “Most Likely to be a Couple’s Therapist” in 8th grade, drinks alone.

Capricorn: Pieces of shit. I’ve not met a Capricorn Sun who didn’t rub me the wrong way or do me wrong.

Aquarius: Slightly problematic friend, lil’ intense, sweetest bean, will be your papa, gives you a blanket for Christmas, ride or die bitch, doesn’t know how to use the broiler but loves to bake, once set a Meringue on fire, but soon figured out what they did wrong, Slytherin/Hufflepuff, immensely loyal but sneaky af, Urinetown trash, choir Boi, theatre nerd, dream roles include Bobby Strong and Grantaire (Les Mis) but ended up playing Combeferre in our production of Les Mis, will go to see The Conjuring 2.

Pisces: Pretty Boy Memelord, asks you why you’re buying clothes at the soup store, loves Steven universe, plays ukulele, adventure time, would so be Marshall Lee the Vampire King, extroverted, best queer ally ever, stubborn, good kisser, filthy frank is an icon, loves to patronise and tease you, says he loves you because he really does, Franklin trash, bass singer, wears a suit often and looks damned good when he does.

I'm Alive
Next to Normal Cast & Aaron Tveit
I'm Alive

Anne’s Never Ending Quest To Get Everyone To Love next to normal

» I’m Alive

I’m alive, I’m right behind you
You say forget, but I remind you
You can try to hide, but you know that I will find you
Cause if you won’t grieve me, you won’t leave me behind

Things I remember from Crystal Reed's Q&A

- She’s halfway through working on a new film (found it on imdb here: Too Late) She mentioned working with John Hawkes and when asked what was her favourite work she’d done in the past other than teen wolf, she said she thought this project was her favourite. There are lots of long, 20-minute, one take scenes that she really enjoys doing. Also, she plays a stripper.

- She would have liked to work more with Dylan (because he is fun to work with and talented). She also would have liked to work more with Posey so that Allison and Scott could properly get back to being better friends.

- They filmed her being dead, before filming her actual death scene, and she obviously had to hold her breath during filming. But she couldn’t stop crying during the takes at first.

- Said that Allison’s death will help Scott’s character

- She would have liked Allison to end up as a CIA or FBI agent

- She would like to be in a Romantic Comedy. She said even though they’re not highly acclaimed, she thought it would be nice to smile for a change, since Allison was never really a comedic character.

- She likes vegemite, had tried it three years ago.

- Doesn’t eat meat, but eats fish.

- Even if it would be fun, she wouldn’t want to come back to the show to do any dream/flashback/zombie sequences, because she wouldn’t want that to diminish Allison’s character/take away from her exit.

- Her dream theatre roles would be Hamlet, or Cleopatra from Cleopatra and Antony (both Shakespeare) 

I can’t think of anything else that was new, she spoke about Allison’s death a bit and how she organically was wanting to say ‘i love you, i love you’ over and over. (And how the producer came over and said, you’re not meant to say that, and she was just like ’…oh’ - while she was lying there covered in blood and crying).

hi-thisiskristin  asked:

Will it be possible to meet you when you come to Florida for Disney World?! I would TOTALLY use one of my last tickets to meet you. I studied you on YouTube for my Eponine audition @ a local theatre, I nailed my dream role, and had the time of my LIFE!!! I'm sad I could never ever have the opportunity to hear you sing as Eponine, but I'm such a HUGE fan and it would be the biggest dream to meet you!!! Would it be possible?!?!

Unfortunately, Pete and I aren’t doing any meet ups whilst we’re in Florida! We’ve both just finish long stints in quite demanding jobs and we’re headed to Disney to retreat from the world and have a romantic getaway together! I’m sure there will be other opportunities for you and I to meet! Very sorry and congratulations of nailing your dream role!!! <3