theatre bizzare


So, I’ve seen this photoset making its way around tumblr, and I just wanted to correct the locations and image quality. Seriously, not all of these photos are from New Orleans and it was lazy of whoever created the post.

1) taken on a cross country trip by Kyle Telechan (no location confirmed)

2) Nara Dreamland (Japan)

3) I also think this is Nara Dreamland (Japan)

4) Six Flags (New Orleans)

5) Chippewa Lake Amusement Park (Ohio)

6) No location confirmed

7) Michigan State Fairgrounds, now Theatre Bizzare (Detroit)

8) No location confirmed (believed to be Chernobyl or Japan)

9) No location confirmed

10) Spreepark (Berlin)

theatre bizarre in detroit, michigan.

“since the turn of the century, theatre bizarre has layered darkness on top of darkness.  in the shadow of the now dormant michigan state fairgrounds it stands in a largely abandoned neighborhood – surrounded by dozens of homes left vacant and decaying on the northernmost edge of detroit.  built by an army of volunteers and emerging for only one incomparable masquerade each year, theatre bizarre has become the city’s most famous and infamous underground party”