How to Make a Musical For the Deaf

so i was in an improv class and the scene was ‘sex education’ and the ‘teacher’ was like “so class what’s the difference between a man and a woman?” 

and me and my friend in all of our trans glory let out a sigh of disappointment and prepared ourselves for casual cissexism

but then this girl just turned straight to the audience and went “oNE OF THEM HAS HUMAN RIGHTS”

and the whole room exploded

  • Look Down (from Lés Misérables)
  • Zack Paslay

So awhile ago, I mentioned that one of my favorite things to do is sing “Look Down” from “Lés Mis” in a similar style to “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera, and aportraitofinsanity wanted me to upload it so tadaaaaa! Based on Natalie Weiss’s brilliant Les Mis in 6 Minutes.


BUZZFEED VIDEO produced a feature about the revival of Spring Awakening coming to Broadway from Deaf West, a premiere deaf theatre company from Los Angeles.

I love how the signing is incorporated into the choreography! And how the hearing and deaf actors have learned to communicate and cue each other on stage with gestures and blocking is a feat of ensemble building and focus. This is a wonderful featurette and it’s great that it’s on the Buzzfeed channel to get lots of exposure!

Marianas Trench Asks: Fix Me
  • Say Anything:When is the last time you were scared to tell the truth?
  • Decided to Break It:When was your last break up?
  • September:Do you like school?
  • Alibis:When is the last time you majorly screwed up?
  • Shake Tramp:What's your sexuality?
  • Low:When is the last time you felt sad?
  • Push:When is the last time you were pressured into doing something you didn't want to do?
  • Far From Here:Is there anyone you used to be close with and are not anymore?
  • Vertigo:What time is it where you are?
  • Alive Again:What's your current state of mind?
  • Skin and Bones:Have you eaten today?