A Big Favour!


Last night at stage door was manic and amazing! I was there until 23:05 and met some seriously sweet people! I just wanted to ask a quick favour if you’re coming to meet the actors after the shows at Les Mis, if that’s okay? 

Lots of people work in the theatre that all need to exit via stage door and that’s very hard when people crowd so close to the doors and against the walls. It would be amazing if everyone could stand away from the doors and away from the walls to make sure there’s a gap so that everyone who works in the theatre can leave without having to fight through lots of people!

If anyone’s coming to stage door after seeing the show to see me specifically (although I would recommend saying hello and congratulating the other actors as they leave because, boy, do they work hard to make that show what it is and they don’t get appreciated nearly as much as they should! It’s not a one woman show and if you think I’m knackered after a show, think about how Peter Lockyer (Valjean) and Jeremy Secomb (Javert) feel! They carry the show!), then I come out of stage door and I turn left out of the doors to head home so if you stand on the left (my left as I come out), I’ll get to you quicker!

As I’ve said before, on the final night there will be barriers and I won’t be out for as long as I have been this week so I won’t be able to get around to everyone!  I’ll be very emotional and on my way to a party to say goodby to my fellow cast mates and want to get there before they all leave to get the last trains home!

Hope this is all okay and happy stage dooring!


Imagine hearing about a play that ran for one night only.

Everything you know about it is second-hand at best. If you’re lucky, you might be able to talk to someone who saw it. If you’re really lucky, they’ll even be telling the truth. More likely, everything that comes to you is of the “I know a guy whose second cousin’s former roomate was in the audience” variety.

With a bit of digging, maybe you can get your hands on some of the props and costumes, though there’s nothing to tell you how they were used. Maybe even a few pages of the script - though as any student of theatre can tell you, what it says in the script and what actually went down on stage are often two very different things.

Now: imagine writing fanfic based on this play you’ve never seen and never will, without so much as a decent plot summary to guide you.

If that sounds reasonable to you, congratulations: you may have what it takes to be an historian.

“I was always weak when it came to you.”

“Did you really expect me to sit back and let you get insulted?”

“I don’t know why I let you talk me into this.”

“You can’t just sit there and let this destroy you.”

“I guess out of all the people I could have gotten stuck with, I got lucky.”

“Your wish is vastly different than mine.”


Grimes-Ave Maria (live at the Enmore Theatre)

[2016-02-10] Grimes performing live at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney, as a soldout crowd turns silent in awe. Backup vocals by HANA.