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“Ruthless Ruth”, a B-25 from the 499th Bomb Squadron, makes a skip-bombing attack against a Japanese escort destroyer south of Xiamen, China. The ship was the Type C Escort Ship CD-1. She suffered 44 dead from her crew of 136 during the attack. In the last photo you can see the survivors bobbing in the water or climbing over the side of the hull as CD-1 rolls over. April 6, 1945

Doing this show is better than any audition you could ever do,” says Ramos. “You meet people as people, not as, ‘There’s the director behind that table and here’s me auditioning.’ So we get to form these relationships on a personal level and we get to shake their kids’ hands and talk and get to know them a little bit. People just pour their hearts out, and we pour our hearts out back.