In the 1890s, a papyrus was discovered in the garbage dump of Oxyrhynchus, an ancient city southwest of Cairo. Preserved by encroaching sand dunes, the dump contained a treasure trove of papyrus fragments, mainly written in Latin and Greek. One of the documents is particularly exciting for archaeologists and thespians. It is part of a lost five-act play based on the biblical Book of Exodus. The play was written in the form of a Greek tragedy, by Ezekiel, a Jewish dramatist from Alexandria, Egypt, in the 100s BCE. The fragment found at Oxyrhynchus includes a speech by Moses. He is declaiming upon the moment he was discovered as a baby in the bulrushes.

Historians had previously known of Ezekiel’s plays only from quotations by later Christian writers. For instance, theologian Eusebius quotes it in the 300s CE, but that is 500 years (or so) after the play was thought to have been written. Not very good source material. Now that the text itself has been found, there is a whole new treasure trove of literary analysis for historians who undoubtedly are already arguing over each line’s precise interpretation. Oh, I almost did not mention the coolest part. The text was transcribed by online crowd sourcing, through the Ancient Lives project!

Fav musical theatre moments

The Ragtime prologue

When Elle Woods storms the courtroom with Vivianne screlting a high C


When Elder Price tries to convert General Butt Fucking Naked

La vie Boheme

“Wake up! People are dying all around you! You’re not the only one to have suffered a loss…”

When Peter and Jason kiss for the last time in Bare

“He’s Not Here” - “I Am the One” in n2n

Miss Honey’s verse in “When I Grow Up”

The last two lines of “Send In The Clowns”

That feeling of epiphany that comes from listening to “Being Alive”

Please help our community theatre!

Hey there guys! Macro-microcosm here, your favorite pointless blogger. Today, the Universe News Network and co. are reaching out to the tumblr community to maybe help us out!

Our theatre group, the Quaboag Community Summer Theatre (name pending change) is a group of 12-25 year old actors who have a passion for the arts and want to work over the summer to see them realized. We’re…having a bit of a difficult time.

See, we’re from a reaaaaaally tiny, somewhat poor and conservative town called Warren. We had just branched off from the local high school, so we had to leave behind their budget, too. We started last season with $0 and were able to put on an amazing rendition of “Shrek: The Musical” thanks to local donors.

This year, we have a similar budget because of the hefty royalty price of our next show: “Into the Woods”. Additionally, the school (the location of our performance stage) has upped the price of using their facilities due to their own budgetary concerns.

We’re soliciting ads from local businesses, and we had to raise ticket prices slightly, but it may not be enough. That being the case, Tyler, our beloved coordinator, set up a GoFundMe so that we can have this show and make it the best it can be. We’re all so passionate about theatre and have been working so hard to put this show on. We’re more than just a theatre group– we’re family. A talented, wonderful, brilliantly unique family. It would break our hearts to know that we worked together all summer in 90 degree heat for us to be forced to cancel the show.

If you want to help us bring our dreams to life, the GoFundMe is here! (if you happen to be local to the area, you could get free tickets!)

To learn more about QCST, their website is here!

Even if you can’t donate, a reblog or boost would mean the world to us! Regardless of what you do if you happen to see this on your dash or in your notifications, we hope you have a wonderful day, and thank you so much!

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🎬Justice League Official Trailer (2017) Ben Affleck Movie
🎬Cast: Ben Affleck - Bruce Wayne / Batman, Jason Momoa - Arthur Curry / Aquaman, Henry Cavill - Clark Kent / Superman, Gal Gadot - Diana Prince / Wonder Woman, Amber Heard - Mera, Amy Adams - Lois Lane, Jesse Eisenberg - Lex Luthor, Ezra Miller - Barry Allen / The Flash, Willem Dafoe - Nuidis Vulko
🎥Director: Zack Snyder
🎥Release Date: 17 November 2017
🎥Genres Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

  • Me meeting someone new:I don't know who you are, or where you come from, bUT LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING-
  • Every friend around:oh no
  • Me:*deep breath*
  • Friend:here we go
  • Me:Deaf Spring Awakening is so fucking good and waitress' set should've won a tony and heathers needs to go on Broadway and tuck everlasting needs more love and I need to just hold onto every single cast member of Hamilton forever and keep them safe and warm and also another thing is that the Tonys were good this year but Hamilton won too much stuff and American psychos lighting is so fucking good and the color purple is so damn beautiful and Wicked is just a classic and oh god west side story is better than Romeo and Juliet and les mis is just so tragic and-

West Herts and Watford Observer, July 2, 1965.

“Jane Asher, the prominent young actress who is to play the part of Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion at Watford’s Palace Theatre next week [July 1965], chooses an evening gown at Clements. With her in the picture is Thelma Holland, of Clements’ showroom staff.

“Flame-haired Jane, 19, is the middle child of three – her elder brother Peter is the first half of the Peter and Gordon pop group. Her father is a consultant physician, broadcaster and writer; her mother teaches the oboe at the Royal Academy.

“Jane’s showbusiness career started at five years of age when she played the part of the deaf mute Nina in the film Mandy.

“Since then she had played in a dozen motion pictures, including The Greengage Summer and The Prince and the Pauper.

“On television she has been Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Lise in The Bothers Karamazov and Maggie Tulliver in The Mill On the Floss.

“On the lighter side, she has made appearances on Juke Box Jury, First Impressions and The Celebrity Stage.

“On the West End stage she was the youngest Wendy in the history of Peter Pan and also played in Will You Walk A Little Faster at the Duke of York’s and Race Against Time at the Lyric.”

This Nostalgia story was published in the Watford Observer on June 21, 2013.