First Kiss.

that first kiss: synesthesia
birds on our cheeks
branch-strewn, star-drunk
too much ceiling hung above,
mismatched to our ascending.
your green taste fluttered up
from its grasp on my ribs

a taste whose phantom parents
buzzed behind my teeth for years,
hummed their way into dreams full of skin,
echoed between the ridges of your fingerprints

I met your mouth: we shook hands.
the wallpaper danced with tempest light
your lashes tapping on my face
asking to be let in

your breath wrapped round the bedpost 
little glassy gleaming in your eyes
and I said
your smile pulled the sun up

– Kelsey Kuehn

“I think I’ll have a peak”
Joshua Tilling

an introduction:
This was my first tumblr post, and I felt great after writing it because I was putting my words out there and letting them breathe, Live. Instead of worrying they weren’t good enough. This was writing, it was about words, sentences, and ideas, not perfection. This post was the start of something new in my life. 

My attic is shut, locked. It seems it will never open again, no matter how hard I pry. I have tried every key in my existence, but still, the damned thing will not open. Where am I to think but the attic! Oh, the creatures it harbors; they make for great writing, you know. 

“Please. I beg of you,” I desperately yell at the decaying door, “I need inspiration!” But still, nothing. I suppose I shall start with this; this nothing of a post. This worthless gathering of words; how unorganized they are. It makes me sick… Though, maybe someone will find pleasure in them, for there are over 6.8 billion people in this world.

And, what a mighty number that is.