Me + Amanda FUCKING Palmer meeting for the first time in #Nawlins! ♥ total grrrl crush ♥ After she played an amazing concert for over 2 hours –kickin ass for pregnant women everywhere, she’s 4 months along– she stayed another 2 hours to sign for every single fan! Talk about love and commitment in her life… and TRUE ART in her music! · · · · Then me & @timallman777 were stranded for a bit at the #CivicTheatre waiting for our ride and who comes out the side door? The woman herself ♡ @amandapalmer !! who drives herself and friend @whittles away into the rainy New Orleans cityscape. BEST. NIGHT. EVER. #AFP #mymmxvdiary #timnheather #ArtofAsking #TheaterIsEvil


New Amanda Palmer is killing it.

It’s funny how old Dresden Doll albums immediately bring up all these high school feelings and I know that this album will do the same thing in a couple years (college feelings, not high school).

It’s like how every Fiona Apple album is from a different stage of my life and fits them all so perfectly.

oh music, you strange strange beast.


I didn’t do a song today, but if you want some music- there’s a livestream here of the new Amanda Palmer (and the Grand Theft Orchestra)’s album release concert.