1. songbirdwally replied to your postToday I got a (fourth) message on Facebook from a…


  2. theaterfires replied to your postToday I got a (fourth) message on Facebook from a…

    Wait omg did his name start with B

  3. thesylverlining replied to your postToday I got a (fourth) message on Facebook from a…

    Block him, wow

Riley: You don’t know him, he used to go to our school


Sylver: I just said “Sorry, but I have a boyfriend” and he didn’t answer so hopefully that’s the end of it!

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I was tagged by imaginary-marco

1- Describe your life in four words

Change. Books. Music. Family.

2- What is your earliest memory?

Going to California with my parents when I was about 4 and seeing statues of people running. 

3- Have you ever wished you were one of the characters from a book/Tv Show/film?


4- What is your favourite book?

I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb

5- What is your favourite Disney film?

The Little Mermaid(?)There’s just so many to choose from! :s

6- If you could travel to any place and time on Earth but couldn't interact with anything where would you go?

France during the French Revolution among the nobility at Versailles

7- All time best dessert/sweet?

Warm pecan pie with a ball of vanilla ice cream :D

8- What is “happiness” for you?


9- What is your current favorite music artist?

Does composer count? If yes, then John WIlliams. If not, then I’d go for Fun.

10- What is one thing you really want to accomplish this year?

Survive at my new high school in Texas.


My Questions:

1- Ideally, where would you like to live?

2- Which historical figure would you be most interested in meeting?

3- Have you ever traveled abroad, and if so, where?

4- If you could live in any fictional universe, which one would it be?

5- What is your favorite Disney song?

6- Do you like the movie, The Princess Diaries?

7- What is the best book you’ve ever read as part of a school assignment?

8- Do you have a favorite stuffed animal? If so, introduce him/her/it to Tumblr.

9- What is your favorite book?

10- Do you have any special talents? If so, please share. 

theaterfires replied to your postUgh today was sucky I’m angry and sad and…

why was it bad? well, i guess something good about my day was having one of my very last college interviews, if that’s any help, which i don’t think it is, so sorry about that…

It was bad because I’m feeling depressed lately and I didn’t get much sleep because my nightmares kept waking me up so I was tired and cranky and trying really hard to put on a happy face. Also I’m frustrated with math class. Thank you for asking.

Congratulations! That’s great! I bet that feels wonderful!