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Im probably going to regret asking this, but who is rafael casal?


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This dreamy sunshine is Rafael Casal. He is a 31 year-old writer, rapper, poet, actor, professor, director, playwright…. We can go on an on here, the point is he does a bunch of cool stuff. 

He has SO MANY cool projects so lemme introcude you to my favorite ones, otherwise we will stay here FOREVER: 

Youtube stuff: Rafa does a bunch of random videos there, but also a few series, so let’s get to them

  • Rafatics - It’s a segment where Rafa talks about politics and news in a very sarastic yet informative way. His personality is gold and I love him so much to make me laugh when the world is a mess. 
  • Hobbes and Me - THE CUTEST!!! He does this one with Daveed, basically they recreate some Calvin and Hobbes comic strips (Diggs is shirtless and in a fur coat, totally worth watching)
  • The Away Team - Comedy bits, think Star Trek meets Parks and Rec. I always laugh so hard and never get tired of watching them. 
  • #Bars - This is probably the most amazing and my favorite one, so I saved it for last. Bars is a Theater-In-Verse Workshop created by Rafa and Daveed, and they have interviews, classes, and create an amazing medley of raps and songs based on pop culture and literature for their ‘final’ project, it’s dope and really worth watching. 

Music stuff: Rafa is a /really/ good rapper and singer/songwriter. You can check his stuff on the following links: 

I’d reccomend the ‘Mean Ones’ and the ‘Bay Boys’ LPs, they are DOPE. 

Poetry stuff: His strongest suit and probably one of my favorite things about him is his way with words: He is a goddamn GENIUS. No joke, he is an award-winner poet, being a part of projects with HBO and Youth speaks. Without further do, let’s go to my favorite pieces by him: 

he also often posts poems on his instagram account and they are BEAUTIFUL. 

This is just the beginning of how amazing this man is, I can go on and on about it, I hope I didn’t freak you out with this long (very long) message! It’s fairly easy to search for more on his work online so please, feel free to do it so because this man is amazing and deserves all the love. ALSO if you like him maybe tell that to him on twitter??? he often replies and likes messages and it will make his day as much as it’ll make yours <3 


The #BARS MEDLEY VOL 2 | Filmed live at the Public Theater, NY

Filmed LIVE at the PUBLIC THEATER, NY on September 5th, 2016

BARS Created by Rafael Casal & Daveed Diggs
MEDLEY Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada
Choreography by Chris Walker
Music Composition by Samora Pinderhughes and Erica Telisnor

Featuring Hosts Adrienne Warren (Tony Nominee, Shuffle Along) Javier Muñoz (Broadway’s Hamilton) Rapper Pharoahe Monch, Anthony Ramos (Broadway’s Hamilton) Lemon Andersen (Tony winner, Def Poetry) Saray Kay (TED, Def Poetry) Dessa (Hamilton Mixtape, Daveed Diggs (Tony Winner, Hamilton, Black-ish) & Yours truly, Rafael Casal

This July, #BARS began it’s second session, in partnership with The Public Theater! The #BARS Workshop is a lab series created by artists Rafael Casal & Daveed Diggs, to serve as a space for artists to investigate the intersection between contemporary verse and Theater. The first session of #BARS concluded in June 2016, punctuated by the release of the first installment of a video series called the #BARS MIXTAPE MUSICAL MEDLEY, which received high praise from ELLE, TIME, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, TEEN VOGUE, SLATE & more! Casal & Diggs teamed up with New York’s The Public Theater to present SESSION 2 of the #BARS workshop, which began July 18th and ended with the filming of the #BARS MEDLEY VOL. 2, and here it is.

It’s HERE!!!

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Wait you're taking requests?! Sweet! Would you consider doing something similar to your 12-day challenge but for Ereannie? Maybe a band or sports AU instead of theater, or even canon verse if you'd like.

I can 100% do a 12 Day Detox on an ereannie sports au i mean i am already thinking annie + idk hockey (i had netball in mind but no one outside of Australia, new Zealand and maybe the uk knows what that is but it would have been good bc its a “”“non contact”“” sport dominated by girls but the injury factor is real, like i have seen girls coming off-court with some /messed up/ injuries but anyway) + maybe a knee injury + eren starting off with a chill bromance who is (reasonably) concerned for her safety and the more annie refuses to acknowledge that her knee is fucked, the higher tensions climb, and there’ll probably be a screaming match over it, ending very quickly with eren just straight up kissing her

Good god what have you done

Shakespeare’s blank verse, the major verse form of his plays throughout his career, is marked by several features, some of them shared with or derived from earlier English poets (e.g. John Lydgate, Sidney, and Marlowe) but developed with unprecedented coherence.

(1) Blank verse is always mixed with other metrical modes (e.g. rhymed verse, songs) and (except for Richard II and King John) with prose; two plays offer more rhymed verse than blank (Love’s Labours Lost and A Midsummer Night’s Dream), and seven plays (two histories and five middle-period comedies) are largely or predominantly written in prose. Shifts within a scene from one mode to another are often subtle, gradual, and hard to hear; different metrical registers for different social classes, however, can be heard, and identify sets of characters–as in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

(2) Resourceful use of common Elizabethan conventions of metrical pattern and especially of metrical variation gives many individual lines great flexibility, variety, melody, and speech-like force.

(3) Frequent use of lines devient in length or pattern (short, long, headless, broken-baked, and epic-caesural) extends the potentialities of expressive variation beyond what was commonly available to Renaissance writers of stanzaic verse.

(4) Shrewdly developed syllabic ambiguity, especially by devices of compression, makes many lines seem packed.

(5) Lines become increasingly enjambed: sentences run from midline to midline, and even a speech or scene may end in midline. Conversely, metrically regular lines may comprise several short phrases or sentences and may be shared by characters (split lines). In the theater, consistently enjambed blank verse, unlike Marlowe’s end-stopped “might line,” sounds more like speech but also tests the audience’s awareness of the meter. Especially in Shakespeare’s later plays, the audience, like the characters it is scrutinizing, follows an uncertain path between comprehension and bafflement. Besides carrying the characters’ emotional utterances and conveying (with appropriate intensity) their complex states of mind, Shakespeare’s blank verse may figure, through its rich dialectic of pattern and departure-from-pattern, a continuing tension between authority and event, model and story, the measured structures of cosmic order and the wayward motions of erratic individual characters.
—  The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics

janellemcdrmth: "Oh word? Is the turn up about to be on this train?!“ Always a dope time with the #BARS family, and last night was no exception. Super excited to share what I’ve been working on in collaboration with all these dope folks. It’s bout to be LIT. The Littest. The LITerature. 🔥 #nyc #daveeddiggs #rafaelcasal #BARS #lit  #theater #theatre #verse #rapper #actor #hamilton #singer #create #collab #collaboration #build #daveed #dope #POC #newnew #fans #monday #LevelUp #melanin #actress #selfie #blackish #defjam #broadway #broadwayblack